Top 75+ Stop5G Actions You Can Do!

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Made by John Kuhles Founder of Stop5G Fb Group & Stop5G Fb Page!

Overwhelmed by the #5G Horror? … Outsmart Defeatism … Go Beyond The Mass Conditioning! … Chose at least 1 of the 75 #Stop5G Empower Tools To Fight Mass Injustice Against All Life On Earth!

01. Dutch ( to English Activism Tool: Avoid #5G, inform your municipality yourself here Dutch people can support:

All Dutch 🇳🇱 citizens can use this letter template to send to their municipalities: here

02. Take Action Page of Stop5G(dot)net:

03. How to Oppose 5G “Small” Cell Towers:

04. Take Action Against 5G USA:

05. Take Action Against 5G International:

06. Reclaim Your Power: Put Them (Pushing 5G) on Liability Notice For Future Mass Action Lawsuits!

07. Please watch this video without being distracted by anything with FULL ATTENTION and let it sink in (if possible): click on me

08. New Strategy to Push Back Against the Dangerous Spread of Smart Meters and 5G Technology: new-strategy-to-push-back-against

09. Stop5G Activism Template 72 5G Related Liability Questions For Your City Council!

10. Resisting 5G More Effectively:

11. Learn how to Stop5G in your area:

12. Lawfully Expose (illegal) 5G Plans in your County:

13. 5G Space Appeal:

14. Grassroots Communications Against Wifi & 5G:

15. Multiple Stop5G Activism Tools:

16. TEN ACTIONS TO STOP DANGEROUS 5G SMALL CELLS from being placed IN FRONT OF YOUR HOME and throughout your community: Stop-5g-action-plan/10-actions-to-help-stop-5g/

17. ⚠️ Stop5G Fb Group Poll: When I (#JohnKuhles) founded this #Stop5G Fb Group in 11-11-2017 … What do you appreciated the most me doing? … last 18 months? here(That poll was 5 months ago).

18. ⚠️ Stop5G Fb Group Poll: Your Top 5 #Stop5G Activism? Inserting new ideas/suggestions are welcome: here

19. Stop5G Petitions: (soon updated with many new ones added to the list!).

20. Download all “Peer Reviewed” Scientific #Stop5g Related PDF Files we have uploaded to: and re-upload it everywhere you can and add hashtag #Stop5G and/or add

21. For the most current information on Dr. Pall’s work:
Pall-to-eu-on-5g-harm-march-2018.pdf and even newer one: 🦜 5G-Risk-The-Scientific-Perspecitve.pdf 🦋

22. Click on #Science2Stop5G and research it!

23. Study many “letter” templates on you can use / re-edit to do the same in your city.

24. Take Action Now! The #5G Spectrum Frontiers is a Boon for Industry and a Devastation to Our Health and Privacy: Stop-5g-spectrum-frontiers.html

25. Dutch #Stop5G Activism Template: Voorbeeldbrief-5g-voor-je-gemeente/

26. Stop5G Activism Tip: &

27. #5G Letter-Template to Wake up the Masses: here

28. Why are schools hosting cell towers on site (renting the land to telecom for money)

29. Transcribed testimony from town council meeting. Permission has been granted from Matt Landman to anyone who wants to use the transcript in full or part. Feel free to print it out and take it to a meeting. There will be an allotted time of a few minutes to speak. At the end of the video, Matt presents a Bill. I am not certain if that is a separate document (New Hampshire’s HB522) or if it is a copy of his testimony.

“Hello, thank you. My name is Matt Landman of Eureka, California. I frequent Larkspur and Marin county. I do not consent to the radiation exposure levels associated with 5G. 5G technology has not been proven safe. The one millimeter-sized carrier wave used in 5G tech is, also, used at airports in body scanners where people have the right to opt out. Living in a 5G environment will be like spending 24-hours a day in an airport security body scanner. Please consider creating an independent, unbiased research committee to assess the proximity and cumulative exposure health implications while especially considering children and pregnant women. The City of Larkspur is not capable of making an informed ruling on this complex 5G infrastructure deployment without adequate research. No offense – you’re just not experts on these topics, but experts do exist for topics such as radio frequency, non-ionizing radiation, electromagnetic fields, and bio-accumulation exposure impacts that result in childhood leukemia. One millimeter sized military-grade carrier waves requiring a small cell tower every 500 feet? – I do not consent to a small cell in front of my home and neither should you. Please ban 5G from Larkspur or form a committee to assess the health implications before experimenting on us and our children and our children’s children. Three weeks ago, March 14, 2019, the State of New Hampshire passed a bill, which establishes a commission to “study” the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology. The Bill appoints qualified experts to ask questions such as, Why are the FCC radio frequency exposure limits set for the United States one hundred times higher than countries like Russian, China, Italy, and Switzerland?; Why have thousands of peer-reviewed studies showing DNA damage, brain and heart tumors, infertility, and so many other ailments being ignored by the FCC?; and Why are the FCC sanctioned guidelines for public exposure to wireless radiation based only on the thermal effect, on the temperature of the skin, and do not account for the non-thermal, non-ionizing biological effects of wireless radiation?. If the state of New Hampshire can ask these questions, so can Larkspur. I would like to submit this bill for reference, and I, also, have copies for anyone interested. On a final note, I just want to say how very disturbing it is that we have to come here to beg to not be poisoned by radiation. Thank you for having a heart. Thank you for hearing our plea.”

30. Peer-reviewed published science shows wireless radiation harms public health.

The BioInitiative Reports reference more than 3800 peer-reviewed published studies. Summary of key scientific evidence includes:

• Evidence for Effects on:

  1. Damage to Sperm and Reproduction Children are More Vulnerable
  2. Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorders)
  3. Electrohypersensitivity
  4. Cell Tower-Level RFR Exposure
  5. the Blood-brain Barrier
  6. Brain Tumors
  7. Genes (Genotoxicity)
  8. the Nervous System (Neurotoxicity)
  9. Cancer (Childhood Leukemia, Adult Cancers)
  10. Melatonin, Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease
  11. Stress, Stress Proteins and DNA as a Fractal Antenna

31. A Template for Activists to demand an end to 5G and Smart Meters in their communities throughout planet Earth: Bruce-cain/a-template-for-activists-to-demand-an-end-to-5g-and-smart-meters-in-their-commun/3133538826672084/

32. The Legal Way to Stop 5G: here

33. June 1, 2019, The First “WORLD CELL PHONE STRIKE DAY”: Stop5g/permalink/655815608186931/

34. Here’s What Everyone Can Do to Stop 5G:

35. EMF Dangers – The BIG Cover-Up And What You Can Do About It: …

36. Escaping The Smart Grid InPower Movement: here

37. Activism News Australia: Australia-barrister-ray-broomhall-pathway-to-protect-people-from-smart-meters-and-towers/

38. Day of Action

39. Quantum QG ?

40. Resources to Share with Parents and Schools:

41. 5G must be Challenged in Court: here

42. #5G Related EMF Liability Court Cases Lawsuits: Understandingemfs/legal-issues

43. Pauline Morgan Ways to Fight back:

  • 01. Establish wifi free zones, eg shops and homes, churches, schools with displayed signs.
  • 02. Use landline phones and internet.
  • 03. Don’t use online banking.
  • 04. Reject all things ‘smart’.
  • 05. Do not take part in supermarket points and rewards (tracking).
  • 06. Leave the phone at home while working.
  • 07. Do not sleep with a mobile phone in the bedroom.
  • 08. Research constantly 5G and IoT.
  • 09. Talk about opposition constantly.
  • 10. Plant trees.
  • 11. Write letters of opposition.
  • 12. Post on pro 5g pages too.
  • 13. Make lists like this and share them.
  • 14. #Boycott5G zones & gadgets.
  • 15. Talk to MPs.
  • 16. Make posters and fliers.
  • 17. If you can’t do all do some of these things. Whatever you are good at

44. Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS)
G.U.A.R.D.S. is an international coalition against “Global WiFi” Radiation from Space, a complex technology of erratic pulsed radiation and toxic chemicals endangering all life on Earth:

45. How To 5G Proof Your House! … Next Level EMF Protection! how-to-5g-proof-your-house-this-is-next-level-emf-protection and here

46. Correspondence with BBC: Correspondence-with-bbc

47. Email Template with New Letter to Send to Your MP: Letter-template-with-new-letter-to-send-to-your-mp

48. Local City Activism U.K. 🇬🇧 & Ireland 🇮🇪 City-groups-for-uk-ireland-if-your-city-is-not-on-the-list-please-ask-admin

49. Stop5G Manual Australia 2019: Pdf

50. Stop 5G Action Plan California: Stop-5g-action-plan

51. 10 Life-changing short Stop5G Videos: here

52. Stop 5G Presentation to Municipal Amsterdam! here

53. Safety Code 6 2015 (applicable to every country) by Professor Curtis Bennett. This is not a Guideline, it is the Law. Safety-code-6-2015-applicable-to-every-country-by-professor-curtis-bennett-this- &

54. Overview Best Stop5G Related Science, Organizations & Advocacy Groups! Cell-Towers–Small-cells

55. How to Take Successful Action Against 5G – Max Igan & Ray Broomhall: Stop5G/videos/820847391620374/

56. Template for Stop5G Activists to Demand an End to 5G & Smart Meters! : A Template for Stop5G Activists to demand an end to 5G and Smart Meters in their communities throughout planet Earth: Bruce-cain/a-template-for-activists-to-demand-an-end-to-5g-and-smart-meters-in-their-commun/and here

57. Extraordinary Useful EMF Resources! To win any debate efficiently:

58. The World Health Organization Cover-Up … And What You Can Do!

World Health Organization Cover-Up VIDEO HERE!

59. Kelley Eidem quote: “I just called my local Congressman and both Senators’ offices. IT TOOK LESS THAN 5 MINUTES to plant three seeds or wormholes that will grow. They were polite, the same as always when calling, saying they would pass along the question. Here is what I said, “Can you help me? I was reading that professor Martin Pall has done some research on the effects of 5G on our electrolytes, He found that it disrupts them. My understanding is that when our electrolytes get messed up, it can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Could you or ______ find out whether or not 5G can do that?”

You can bet money that the person answering the phone will remember that one!! They might even laugh about it when discussing it with their colleagues. They might say, “You’ll never believe what some nut just called and asked me!” I hope that kind of conversation takes place, don’t you, because the ENTIRE purpose of calling is to get them thinking about diarrhea and vomiting when it comes to 5G.

5G does exactly that – sooner or later one or more of their colleagues will get hit so the question will bear fruit – that is guaranteed. That’s when the question will come front and center once again”. [unquote].

60. Useful links:


  • 1. Go to
  • 2. In the first box, type 19-71. This is the FCC docket number.
  • 3. Add your name, email and address.
  • 4. In the box marked “Brief Comments” add your own comments and submit

Suggested comments include:

  • 1. The OTARD rule should not be changed to allow wireless companies to put their 5G antennas on private homes.
  • 2. The FCC should not be using taxpayer dollars for the benefit of wireless companies, pushing a new technology that has never been proven safe.
  • 3. The FCC’s wireless radiation exposure guidelines are based on research from the 1980’s, and only consider thermal effects, not the biological effects documented in recent studies.

New FCC Rule Eliminates Local Control of 5G Roll Out Even Further … See also this Video

62. How To Defeat the #5G Genocide: Stop5G/videos/2286768394739972/

You can find a link to the original appeal on that page. The analysis results from those 15 detailed affidavits, which prove in a directly court-actionable format the use of weapons on mass destruction on the civilian population around the world by their own Secret Services and military, can be found here:

Email Content of Press Release 1
Sample Email as spread over several mailings with some addresses bouncing.
5th June 2019 Attachment: Analysis Results
summarising the submitted affidavits.
4th June 2019 Press Contact List

63. Want to Stop 5G?

64. How to Legally Oppose Planning for 4G & 5G Mobile Phone Masts or Cell Towers: how-to-legally-oppose-planning-for-4g-5g-mobile-phone-masts-or-cell-towers

You can access the sample law here:

Below is a sample letter you can send to your state reps along with the sample law!

66. Breaking News: Court Upholds Landmark Berkeley Cell Phone Radiation Right To Know Ordinance and Rejects Industries Appeal:

67. Tactical & Practical Stop5G Activism Workshop with Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance: here

68. Dutch to English 🇬🇧 Translation: Letter To Mayor and Aldermen of Delft … Subject: Health Risks of EMF Radiation / #5G Delft, July 17, 2019: here

69. Australian Telcos Forced To Cancel #5G Rollout In Sydney: Australia-barrister-ray-broomhall-pathway-to-protect-people-from-smart-meters-and-towers

70. Citizens For #5G Awareness Hand-Outs For Educating Public: activist-tool-kit

71. Thirty Two Most Efficient & Practical Tips Stop5G Activism You Can Do Yourself:

01. Helping people how to Protect Yourself Against Microwave Radiation!
02. Inform principals at your child’s schools, PTA meetings, etc to get wifi out of schools. Get wired forget wireless
03. Interviewing Top Activists in the Stop5G World!
04. Making Short Stop5G Quotes To Make People Think!
05. Organizing a new Stop5G Petition or Signing one!
06. Making Stop5G Flyers & Spreading It in your neighborhood.
07. Protesting and or Speaking Local City Council!
08. Organizing Meetups to Brainstorm Future Stop5G Activism!
09. Commenting on Big 5G Propaganda Articles & Videos!
10. Filming, documenting the installment of the 5G Slow Death Towers, asking them questions!
11. Building Website Exposing 5G Agenda!
12. Making Informative Stop5G Videos
13. Chalking on footpaths, etc, and putting sticky notes on toilet walls, in library books, etc, with Stop5G
14. Exclusive (Satirical but informative) Stop5G T-Shirts made by John Kuhles
15. Running a Stop5G FB Group and Page!
16. Creating Unique Informative Stop5G Picture or Video Memes
17. legal based actions on whatever fits! with a prime focus on pushing the precautionary principle!
18. Talking to family & friends about my concerns about 5G
19. Shared 5G information on “my wall” to Facebook or other social platforms about 5G
20. Purchase or borrow a RF Tri-Field EMF meter to take readings and report it on multiple video-platforms!
21. I have written to MP’s and local Councillors trying to hold them to account. Trying to get them to do something, anything.
22. Handed out / distributed printed material in my local area
23. Attended presentation and interest group meetings, off line.
24. Some need to do more research on all this 5G before taking action.
25. Presenting local Stop5G presentation sessions (lectures).
26. Draft a technical letter laying out the concerns and what is demanded before deployment for all members to use to send to their MPs
27. Make a brief, informative “what you need to know about 5G” PDF to distribute across various platforms.
28. Making overview of all Local, Sate or National Stop5G Activism Victories worldwide!
29. Stop using a Mobile Phone or use it only during emergency or very important moment then turn it off again.
30. Let’s make a petition on a EU scale and a petition on a world scale through best well-known petition sites to force a STOP
31. Create your own Local Stop 5G group & page!
32. Send a F.O.I.A. Requests about who is behind 5G agenda, be specific who is responsible & accountable when things go wrong.

72. Very Powerful Freedom of Information Act UK website:

Top 7573. #Science2Stop5G link: Stop5g-related-scientific-peer-reviewed-sources-mainstream-does-not-want-you-to-/823441521384981/

74. For those who demand reputable sources: … and Latest Science News on 5G Dangers: 5G-Risk-The-Scientific-Perspecitve.pdf

75. Legal Notice of Liability from Dutch Nuclear Physicist for Dutch Minister Eric Wiebes is designed to be used as evidence in court dealing future lawsuits against anyone who is responsible for #5G Health Issues! stop5g/permalink/737987103303114/

76. Here are 9 steps you can do to help Stop #5G! here

77. Send an Stop5G email/letter to your local MP/AM/Council member right now using this template: Stop-5g-send-an-email-or-letter-to-your-local-mp-am-councillor-now-using-this-template/

78. A Stop5G PDF to assist people wanting to learn about Barrister-at-Law Ray Broomhall’s legal processes (the Broomhall Methods) he used to Stop 4G/5G cell towers, small cell facilities and the like, whether about to be erected or already erected … 5G Summit Legal Documents PDF:


Cheers, #JohnKuhles
Founder #Stop5G Fb Group, Page & 🦜🦋🌳

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