Stop5G Activists Purge?

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Hi all, I lost 3 Facebook accounts: John Kuhles (with 3000+ Stop5G posts), “Johannes Kuhles” (with over 750+ Stop5G posts = backup account 1) “Johan Kuhles” (with over Stop5G 350 posts = backup account 2) and EX0MATRlXTV YouTube channel with over 19,000+ Subscribers and over 12 Powerful Stop5G Videos! too in 1 month.

I had also personal issues & was 2 weeks very ill too … partly i was also FED UP working so hard 24/7 for almost 2 years every day! So I also needed a psychological “time out”. I instructed only 2 Admins Reza & Jerry to temporary run the Stop5G Fb Group as they seem fit … I trust them 100% but I did not foresee complications dealing with other Fb Group moderators … This is my fault. Soon I hope to correct all of it.

Stop5G(dot)net which automatically forwards to a COPY of stop5g(dot)whynotnews(dot)eu called “” which has NO database issues! I could not fix nor update stop5g(dot)whynotnews(dot)eu anymore so I had to find a solution and fix the problem.

I did not want to lose all existing site posts so I made a duplicate of everything to a new sub-site on the same server I own. There was TOO MUCH I had to “fix” and “solve” I got overloaded, triggered in to being (temporary) fed up with all that I did. I had to explain this much earlier, but even that was too much for me. Like having a nervous breakdown. Sorry to all other pro-active Stop5G moderators who are all understandable confused. Am also very aware about hit-peaces made against me by multiple (“science”) mainstream outlets, I was ready to debunk them all but my “fighting spirit” was temporary broken as I already explained above. Being an Asperger means I can recall & remember in minute detail all that is 100% misinformation & misrepresentation of my name & my efforts. This was all in my back of my head knowing I have to counter that soon too … But all together it was over the top what happened to me lately including my physical illness (severe flu & coughing non stop, bad sleep etc.). I had to let all go for a while otherwise I go literately insane.

After watching (today) this video made by Bruce Cain, I realized I let hard working colleagues down, I hope soon to change that within a week!

Sincerely, John Kuhles 16-10-12019

PS. Please join me on Twitter: and Tab-bookmark:
Thanks! 🙂

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Daniel Almeida
Daniel Almeida
3 years ago

Sharing this!

3 years ago

Dank John voor je update. Dat klinkt heftig. Ik wens je alle sterkte toe! Heb je wel een klamboe om je te beschermen? Als er iets is waarmee je denkt dat ik je kan helpen, stuur mij dan even een mailtje.