Smartphone Radiation Lawfully Reduced & Restricted in Belgium March 2020!

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Belgian government agreement: 5G will be deployed after environmental and public health assessment!

The new technological deployments in terms of data transmission, including 5G, will be made after environmental, public health, economic efficiency, data security and privacy assessment, is- he writes in the regional policy declaration of the PS-MR-Ecolo coalition. The future government will also watch over the situation of electro-sensitive people and preserve places protected from non-ionizing radiation. The assessment preceding the deployment of 5G will focus in particular on the impact on biodiversity and wildlife. It will also be based on existing studies that analyze the health impacts of exposed human populations.

If Wallonia must acquire the most modern and efficient technologies “to ensure its economic attractiveness and promote the creation of sustainable jobs in sectors of the future”, this cannot however be achieved “without taking the necessary precautions “, warn PS, MR and Ecolo.

The implementation of the fifth generation standard for mobile telephony will therefore have to comply with the conditions of a Walloon decree of April 2009 relating to protection against possible harmful effects and nuisances caused by non-ionizing radiation generated by GSM antennas , warn the three parties.

A group of experts appointed by the government, including in particular environmental and health specialists, will carry out regular assessments and examine whether the conditions of the decree in question should be adapted in the long term.

At European level, Wallonia will in any case defend the adoption of a common standard on exposure to the waves. It must be compatible with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and respect for the precautionary principle.

In consultation with the telecom operators, the government wishes to gradually eliminate the white areas and thus make telecommunications technologies accessible to all. In this context, it will however take care of the particular situation of electro-sensitive people and will preserve places protected from non-ionizing radiation, in particular to support natural tourism, the three parties in the coalition added.

(RADYGO) From 1 March 1st, 2020, it is mandatory in Belgium to state how much radiation a phone emits when you buy a new smartphone. In addition, it will then be prohibited to sell mobile phones to children under the age of 7, following France and Austria. ‘When does the Netherlands commit to protecting against the long-term risks of radiation?’ Asks RADYGO founder Derck Mekkering.

We are calling and sending more and more whatsapps, texts and emails with our smartphone. Three quarters of the Dutch look at their phone every five minutes. Wifi is available everywhere and soon on the street via lampposts if it is up to Philips. We like to be available all the time, but there seems to be a downside to this convenience: the radiation that allows us to connect with others may be carcinogenic, according to the World Health Organization.

Brain and ear tumors, according to the WHO, may be caused by longer and more frequent calls with mobile phones. In Europe, 3 to 10 in every 100 inhabitants have associated health problems with electronic magnetic fields. Mekkering: “Do we want to take such risks, even if we don’t know how big the risk is exactly?”

Amsterdam-based RADYGO is the first company in Europe to produce radiation-resistant protective cases for smartphones and is trying to start the discussion about radiation in the Netherlands: ‘Last year I started RADYGO to make people aware of the unknown long-term risks of smartphone radiation, ‘says producer of smartphone cases Derck Mekkering.

‘We are inseparable from our mobile phones, but we do not physically distance ourselves from our smartphone. This exposes us unnecessarily to radiation, which is precisely what smartphone manufacturers warn us about. We should keep at least an inch away from our cell phone according to the manual. Who does that? ”

Various well-known Dutch people such as Katja Schuurman and Vivian Reijs support this initiative of RADYGO to create awareness. More information is available at


RADYGO (Radiation Gone, Enjoy Life) is a Social Company, founded to make smartphone users aware of smartphone radiation: from the vision that this information and protection must be accessible to everyone. The cases are available for the most popular smartphones and will also be presented at the CeBIT exhibition March 10-14 in Hanover.

Source Dutch Article

Derck Mekkering (RADYGO): ‘Research into the effects of radiation is financed by the industry itself’

Our screen time is increasing enormously: we are busy every day with our smartphones and tablets. According to Derck Mekkering (RADYGO), that is very dangerous. He developed a radiation protection blanket to protect us from the harmful rays of various radiation products.

Harmful radiation from mobile phones and other devices: is there already hard evidence? ‘Years of research have shown that radiation from telephones has harmful effects on fertility and our DNA, among other things. This applies to more consumer goods that we have been using since World War II. Many products have a negative impact on people and the environment, such as cars, cigarettes, sugar and other things. ‘


An extra long episode in which Derck Mekkering from RADYGO tells you everything you need to know about 5G. To support Derck’s statements, we have compiled a list of studies and sources for you:

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