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FCC “Ajit Pai provides updates on the future of 5G”

HEY FOX … 95% to 98% of ALL comments here are against 5G … oppose 5G Death Towers … How much more do you need to see? UnslaveHumanity 1 hour ago#5G = Slow Death ☠️ Cumulative Lethal‼️ ⚠️ Not only shortening (y)our lifespan (life expectancy!) drastically, but also robbing the quality of life as you will get more and more Microwave Sickness Symptoms like chronic fatigue … look it up what that is, you may have some of it already! Willful ignorance will not shield you from the consequences! 1 UnslaveHumanity 1 hour ago Join: 1 SCENOPIA 8 hours ago These people hate America. 18 Marc Alexander 7 hours ago No, no, no. I’m sick, literally. No. 17 Dennie Suchman 8 hours ago A Pandora’s box? That’s bad, right? 42 Daniel Sanchez 6 hours ago Inverted reality we live in. 1 Pig it 7 hours ago Take the 5g and stick it. TRiUMPh. Our will be done. 12 wayne stiffey 8 hours ago great keep cooking us, the citizens don’t want this big gov. 25 PGTMR2 8 hours ago 4k on the go? Who really needs that? Is this for homeless people or something? 18 DF USA 7 hours ago 😂 2 Canadian Civilian 8 hours ago 5G is the beginning of the end for freedom, it will also consolidate control over everyone and everything. 40 Donald Hattery 7 hours ago At beginning when guy says “5G will open a Pandora’s Box,” that’s exactly what is going to happen. Everyone should educate yourselves, then stand up & REFUSE TO PURCHASE 5G PRODUCTS. If the few elites that run this world accomplish what they intend with 5G, you will think somebody opened the gates of hell. . .don’t say you weren’t warned! JOHN 8:32 12 AruwakEM 8 hours ago What about the health and privacy implications of 5g? Why do they never talk about those two big concerns. 38 Richard Strong 8 hours ago You think you have privacy on the internet? 2 AruwakEM 8 hours ago@Richard Strong Nice try dodging my questions while being condescending at the same time, you are well on your way to becoming a politician by answering my questions with your own question. How about you answer mine and maybe I will answer yours. 3 Richard Strong 8 hours ago@AruwakEM I didn’t dodge your stupid question. I asked you a question which you did not answer so I will tell you. You have no privacy anywhere if you have a cell phone, smart tv, tablet, or new car with GPS built in. 3 Timothy Lane 7 hours ago Don’t go into the sun then. Ever. You expose yourself to far more radiation with 5 minutes in the sun than you do from a week of 5g. Richard Strong 7 hours ago@Timothy Lane there’s always some person who feels the need to state fact. You’re that person. AruwakEM 6 hours ago@Richard Strong By saying my question was stupid means you are either very ignorant or very stupid, by the way you replied I would say the latter. To answer your question I am not naive and know privacy on the internet is an illusion, that being said 5g will effect our privacy on a whole diffrent level wether you choose to put yourself on the internet or not, the 5g infrastructure will connect everything together on the internet, it will be a technocrats utopian dream. 2 AruwakEM 6 hours ago@Timothy Lane oh my your genuine concern for my health warms my heart. God bless you kind sir/madam/other. 2 Richard Strong 4 hours ago@AruwakEM no you pathetic dumbass. Your question was stupid. Your opinion that it wasn’t is proof of nothing. Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum 7 hours ago We don’t want it. 14 DayDreamer 7 hours ago I’m glad all the comments I’m seeing are about health concerns of 5G. People are waking up 14 UnslaveHumanity 1 hour ago me too 1 Rock Climber 7 hours ago If you think 4G causes cancer run out and get 5G you will Die much faster awesome technology! 14 linda Jay 8 hours ago Another way to track us 21 Fellow White Person 8 hours ago Try building toilets in India….Bud 17 Julie Proud USA Citizen 7 hours ago Why do other countries choose not to have 5G? 11 Liz Sharp 8 hours ago Why not be fair and report on THE DANGERS IT CAUSES OUR BODIES ?? Instead act all excited abt this BS 49 Rob Str 8 hours ago Silicone valley has given this to China 7 Daniel Sanchez 6 hours ago @:21 “5G will open a Pandora’s box” I was under the impression that opening Pandora’s box results in negative consequences. Inverted reality at it’s finest. 6 Mike Kline 7 hours ago 5g has been weaponized in China , why do we want it? 16 Gumdropz 8 hours ago Ugh this man needs a new face 17 Roland Carver 6 hours ago Gumdropz he’s the face of “America”. 1 Suma 7 hours ago Toxic Technology. No Thanks!!🚨💀❌ 17 TheRealBrook1968 8 hours ago (edited) Isn’t 5G shortwave? Have they come up with a solution to protect us from harmful waves? I think we have seen recently what tender care other nations have for their populace. I would rather trade 24/7 monitoring of my body or driver-less cars for my health. 23 Doc Holliday 8 hours ago Wonder what personal data is being taken now with 5g. We’re being pimped. 30 Sue Scaccia 7 hours ago (edited) NO 5G! We demand to be FREE of your TECHNOLOGY! It kills pollinators and other wildlife anywhere near these tiny ubiquitous towers! The game changer is how fast they can NEUTRALIZE the population whenever THEY want! How can we fight this? IDK but it’s worth fighting against! 18 William Tarpein 8 hours ago I DON’T WANT THIS CRAP 46 Prophet Of Truth 6 hours ago (edited) Trump put the Ajit guy in you dolt. Trump wants 5G! Not that 5G causes any health issues, but still. You should keep up. justin time 6 hours ago Ok weirdo. Pup Pup Man 8 hours ago send them back! cell devices will be known as the new cigarettes in 5 years 42 Glen Baker 7 hours ago They already are,I see people go nuts when they can’t get a signal 🤪🙉 1 Shane Miller 7 hours ago F**k China! 3 jagsfanrick 8 hours ago It won’t happen. A better idea has already been suggested. Has to do with the number of towers. Would take years and years to build new ones instead of retrofitting current towers. 6 andrew mamo 7 hours ago TIME TO MOVE AWAY FROM 5G 10 Lisa Mathieu 8 hours ago I want someone to ask about the long term health studies on 5G ? Ask about if it is safe for humans? 30 John Cochran 8 hours ago This is a huge push to lower this tech on The People but nobody is talking about the overwhelming health concerns. This 5G signal is such a low frequency pulse it doesn’t go very far and takes huge power amplifiers every few hundred yards to make it work. Do your research. This is on the same level as scalar warfare and using microwave technology for crowd control. We are literally being seduced into cooking our own brains and nervous systems. 34 Halifax Matt 8 hours ago not good 17 RickJames 8 hours ago NOPE 17 IjustWantedToBe Normie 7 hours ago Is the 5G cancer thing a meme or is it legit? Also, why tf does ppl want to be connected all the time? Facebook only has old ppl now, Twitter is absolute cancer with SJWs threatening everybody, YT is going too far with censorship. I just don’t see the appeal. 6 Pretty Good Lookin 6 hours ago Sociopathic Greed is driving 5G! 1 Philip Roth 7 hours ago Stop 5G! 13 Al Puma 5 hours ago 4g is already fast enough, we dont need 5g. 3 Robert Fantazo 6 hours ago And we can make a fortune off of you pawns ♟️. 4 VICIOUS ANGEL 8 hours ago GREAT NEWS MARIA… WE THE PEOPLE ARE LISTENING. 3 ros1tony 8 hours ago Sends out energy at wavelengths that kills the brainwaves of higher level thinking. Kings and queens of the world ruling over the peasants as usual. 19 Roland Carver 6 hours ago ros1tony how will the elite avoid 5g? Prophet Of Truth 6 hours ago Trump put the Ajit guy in you dolt. Trump wants 5G! Not that 5G causes any health issues, but still. You should keep up. Daniel Sanchez 6 hours ago@Prophet Of Truth Are you on crack? 2 D 7 hours ago 5G = Deaths 10 Htowndude 1599 2 hours ago D trump loves 5g Post posterous 7 hours ago (edited) Hey Pie, S T O P THE Robo Calls ! It’s👉 YOUR JOB !!! 👈 3 GuitarZombie 8 hours ago Don’t need it. 26 Detective Inspector 8 hours ago Millions of trees cut down in Europe for the arrival of 5G. Hundreds of thousands of birds are laying all over the place in Denmark & in the South of England as its already been tested there. Forget it people its already here 14 Richard Strong 8 hours ago ROFLMAO 😅🤣😂😆 1 GuitarZombie 8 hours ago Don’t want it. 24 Scott Graham 36 minutes ago What good will money and faster communications be when we are all dying due to exposure to high frequency radio waves? James Matthew 6 hours ago There is no consumer benefit to 5G. It’s only purpose is enhancing surveillance capabilities. 9 A N 8 hours ago We DON’T want it!!! 21 Badabing Badaboom 8 hours ago Stage 5G CANCER! They don’t dare nor care to mention that! 13 Omega Sirius 4 minutes ago The thumbnail is so hilarious. Juruss 4 hours ago I think it’s time to invest in an old flip phone 1 SuperiorWare 6 hours ago Race to 5G? Race to killing yourself and bombarding yourself with frequencies your body does not need. Just because Fox is updating us on it. Doesn’t mean its good. IM NOT EXCITED FOR 5G At all and will be setting up defensive parameters in my body to combat all the stupidity surroundingj 5G 2 Zara ZevLunden 4 hours ago Eee Gaads! Everyone needs to start wearing copper clothing! gone marbles 4 hours ago 5G spying on the citizens in real time. David 7 hours ago I like 0 g. No microwaves slowly frying my existence 15 Prophet Of Truth 6 hours ago Trump put the Ajit guy in you dolt. Trump wants 5G! Not that 5G causes any health issues, but still. You should keep up. Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum 7 hours ago Ajit, that sounds like a good ol home town name. Can trust him to not approve cancer towers….. 1 jesus I am. 1 hour ago He’s talking utter rubbish get rid of 5G before yous start dying from the effects ,it’s a system that can be weaponised to spy on citizens ,see through walls into your home’s,mark my words yous shall see I speak the truth if 5G goes ahead. gone marbles 4 hours ago 5G Microwaving the united states … Tammy Rolando 6 hours ago Waiting for the people who start dropping like flies due to this toxic stuff New Type 3 hours ago 5g is harmful to all life! Crimadella Phone 6 hours ago More like the race to have China steal all of your data so they can sniff out people willing to sell their country out to China. 1 Di Bar 6 hours ago Very creepy how excited they are about this…. 1 UnslaveHumanity 1 second ago agree … PsychoTechnocrats Robert Fantazo 6 hours ago 5G is going to be set up in such a way it’s going to cost us pawns plenty. If you want to upgrade your cell phone simply cross the border into Mexico. when I cross the border my cell phone is much faster the visuals are much clearer and I have to turn down my volume it’s so loud. Why? 2 The Snake Pit 1 hour ago Stop 5G , wanna know the truth, look up Devra Davis.. UnslaveHumanity 1 second ago she is a hero Carolyn Nigro 8 hours ago It’s going to fry us. 13 Truth Bunker 6 hours ago Yeah I say that people start learning how Bad 5G can be and if nobody’s talking about that then they’re hiding it. There should be transparency and large indicators on every tower so that if levels get higher than allowed a big light goes off and everybody knows to put on their tinfoil hat and body armor to protect against their DNA damage which has already been proven very real. Pick up people just because it’s on Fox don’t make it safe. Glen Baker 7 hours ago He’ll why not 10G🤔 1 humanyoda 3 hours ago 5G radiation is said to be harmful for human health. Fight The Bully! 4 hours ago 5G is bad! Why do you think they call it the best system? Robert Fantazo 6 hours ago Augmented reality is the Democratic Party. Pretty Good Lookin 5 hours ago Wifi disrupts restful sleep! 1 Zara ZevLunden 4 hours ago 5 G is very very bad for all living Beings and their health! Gabby 12 minutes ago So we can all die faster. Matt c 6 hours ago It turns your insides into jello. Facts😀 chin lee 3 hours ago What do you want to do put youtube on 10x the speed? you’re not doing computer graphics? The phone changes pages as fast as I can swipe? What is it for but maybe my desktop. YIshis Lassie 8 hours ago (edited) 5G kills. Stop it!!! You have no right to do this without a NATIONAL debate!!! 19 UnslaveHumanity 1 hour Nel Robert 8 hours ago Free government record cellphone ar ko 3 hours ago What about health Mike Johnson 3 hours ago Looking at it from an electrical engineering standpoint and the health risks this will cause…I’m looking at ways to shield my property. The frequencies 5G runs at will result in huge health issues throughout the country and sounds like the world! Italian Pitbull 6 hours ago (edited) And of course foxs and other major media will not ask the big question about radiation and the harmful effects it will have on the human body and our children 1 Radar Love 7 hours ago Just asking so does 5g give the Chinese more accessibility to our personal lives and data? 5 Chatla Suresh 6 hours ago (edited) How 2g-3g spectrum lines scam used in India🇮🇳 human generations 2nd and 3rd for Artificial intelligence Brain numeral to sexual organs wiring electronically feeding upon spectrums of telecom-radio-satellite-television broadcasting. ITU-WHO encourages this DISORDER? How long will these survive living human robot’s and Nations involved in rebellion against HANDWORK OF GOD🕎. Will GOD🕎 spare this AI immorality? Prepare for the serious consequences of great magnitude of sufferings for sins of human pride, lust, greed and arrogance. Forever Joy 6 hours ago This is not good! Liars spewing more lies! david cox 6 hours ago The world is not going to end because of internet access so stop pushing it on everyone. 1 Roland Carver 6 hours ago This pajeet should go back to India. 1 T Smith 7 hours ago steal china teck DF USA 7 hours ago I don’t want it… more spying 7 Lauree Lechman 8 hours ago WE DON’T WANT 5FN G!!!! 7 litestreamer 5 hours ago Maria and Co. You are CLUELESS about the dangers of 5G. This is not news reporting this is propaganda, or just plain ignorance. 1 Kelly Boggs 3 hours ago I agree that fiber optic cable is the only connectivity we need ! We don’t need this evil gen tech This is literally an assault on humanity! Even if you agree a little with what I’ve said hit the pause button on this because once the towers are up it’s going to be to late to find out this isn’t about faster connection or convenience, it’s about totalitarian humanity control” 😑 Joe leadslinger 5 hours ago No 5g for me. 1 litestreamer 5 hours ago Unfortunately as it goes in, you won’t have an option. Think satellites. Jamie Winters 5 hours ago Big Brother is getting faster, nothing to critically think about here. Microwaving our organic bodies an easy trade because addiction to (commercial) consumer economy is to be satiated first. Predictably irrational behavior as we lose our independence and dignity to subversive totalitarian surveillance state. They just need to language to employ it, a good disaster should not go to waste in a future near you. 1 Elliot J 5 hours ago Those that gave this a thumb down, the AI machines know who you are. UnslaveHumanity 1 second ago@Pretty Good Lookin me too Laurie G. 3 hours ago How about you listen to Americans… We don’t want it! 1 drummmer05 5 hours ago The Questions your NOT asking………. Has it TRULY been tested & is it SAFE!!! even Installers who are trained about it, are saying the wave is too short & can cause people physical harm….. WUHAN where they’re claiming it’s a “Virus” is the CENTER of the New 5G towers!!! More work needs to be done to make sure 5G is on bandwidths that are SAFE for humans, and animals or the only thing that will Def. be ‘faster” is humanity’s demise! ; DF USA 7 hours ago We invent everything BUT China is leading ?? WITH 2 David olinger 8 hours ago Get ready for new health problems, the waves will create chaos in the body 10 Timothy Lane 7 hours ago Stay out of the sun. Pretty Good Lookin 8 hours ago THUMBS DOWN 5G! 17 Julius Vinter 7 hours ago (edited) 5G is part of an evil plan to continously monitoring all people 24 hours a day anywhere on the planet. This crap is from the Illuminati. 10 Shane Miller 7 hours ago Mostly from Communist China Timothy Lane 7 hours ago Did you type that on a cell phone? 1 Shane Miller 7 hours ago@Timothy Lane No my dog did he is pretty smart. Prophet Of Truth 6 hours ago Trump put the Ajit guy in you dolt. Trump wants 5G! Not that 5G causes any health issues, but still. You should keep up. Zara ZevLunden 4 hours ago Yes. EVERYTHING on your body will be exposed to radiation~! Going back to underground solid cable is MUCH better for living cell health. 2 XWriter100 4 hours ago I don’t want a driverless car. MACHETE MARY 7 hours ago GREAT NEWS… THANK YOU FOX NEWS… GREAT GUESTS MARIA… 1 Pretty Good Lookin 8 hours ago wE DO NOT WANT 5G !! aRE YOU listening ?? Who cares if Another country has 5G ! America says NO ! 26 Nel Robert 8 hours ago 5g replace all jobs 4 kerry the truth 8 hours ago Cancer. The new cigarette! Agenda control. Depopulation. And tyrants way to keep an eye on your every move ! No 5 g 9 dickfacepeterson 8 hours ago already do that with 4g Post posterous 7 hours ago@dickfacepeterson👈 David Adrian 8 hours ago Great show, Maria 1 Sarah L. 7 hours ago This is about the only subject I don’t agree with Trump on! Listen to us Trump! We DON’T want it! It is very unhealthy and unsafe! 4 Pretty Good Lookin 6 hours ago Agree. Cities all over ( practically ALL cities in the USA ) are secretly launching 5G behind our backs WITHOUT A VOTE !! 1 North of the Rio Grande 3 hours ago 5g is not a set technology. It is any technology better than 4g. China cannot be trusted. In fact, their 5g is a stolen copy of the 5g developed by NASA. Freelander 5 hours ago (edited) This is nothing to be happy about. Switzerland who was the advocate for 5 g now has stopped it from being in their country . Due to the health hazards. It microwaves the brain . And look at what China did to their people with this right before they started killing their own people with the virus Towers are all over America and then you examine the nanos in our food of which this locks into and you have a total control of society .Since the CIA paid for Google with our money to spy on us . We are the experiment ! All compliments of those Trump is trying to get rid of. If it’s not successful . Well look up . God is about to take over . 1 Pretty Good Lookin 4 hours ago Switzerland is where The World meets to discuss World Greed and destruction…… Timothy Lane 7 hours ago Okay, so get on with it then. 1 Carolyn Nigro 8 hours ago I think that black dude is an android 2 linda Jay 8 hours ago People that have it see NO difference. 3 Forever Joy 6 hours ago They “see” no difference BUT there is a huge difference! Educate yourself

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Cheryl McLeish
Cheryl McLeish
2 years ago

This is nothing to be happy about. You need to test, and do research 5G is going to kill all insects, birds, animals, trees and us…There is loads of reports out there from physicits, biochemical engineers etc….