Call to Municipalities: Stop all 5G activities now that the democratic process is stagnating!

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Call to Municipalities to Stop5G

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Due to the Corona crisis, the democratic conversation about the roll-out of 5G with both administrators and people’s representatives seems to get out of sight. On April 10, 2020, Let’s Talk About Tech called on all Mayors, Aldermen and city councilors to stop all 5G activities, at least as long as the democratic process is stagnating.

The discussion about the desirability and necessity of this new technology has not yet been conducted. Rolling out now means pushing through, whereby citizens in this country cannot express their objections through participation. That there are serious objections is evident from the long list of initiatives that have arisen with the imminent frequency auction and the new Telecom Code. Scientists, doctors and citizens alike are calling on the municipal and national authorities to stop 5G because of the unexamined health risks.

Criticism from doctors and scientists

The radiation from wireless technology is a threat to public health. Today it is important to mention that scientists and physicians not only associate radiation with cancer, DNA damage, diabetes, neurological and heart complaints, etc. There are also peer-reviewed publications that show that radiation affects our resistance. The Physicians for Safe Technology Medical Association summarizes the relationship between electromagnetic fields / radiation and the immune system.

Professor Hans Kromhout, chairman of the Electromagnetic Fields Committee of the Health Council, recently criticized the roll-out of 5G and the current safety guidelines in De Telegraaf . This in anticipation of the Health Council’s advice on the health risks of this new, untested technology, expected this summer. He says the following about the safety guidelines and the risk assessment:

But for 5G you have a single standard, the ICNIRP standard, which is entirely based on warming. And some measurements are taken near 5G transmitters, as you see in the RIVM report on 5G. However, no exposure of individuals is measured, no future scenarios of exposure are calculated and no health risks are estimated. That must be different. You shouldn’t just let the industry take its course. Well-considered considerations in advance – blessings versus risks – are also necessary in this file.

And Dr. Ronald Powell, retired Harvard scientist, makes the following statement:

There is no safe way to roll out 5G in our municipalities; there are only “bad manners” and “worse manners” and instead of discussing who should have control over them, we should focus on preventing the rollout.

Developments in Europe

In March, the European Commission ‘s Commission of Inquiry, the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), concluded in a briefing that several studies suggest that 5G will affect human health from animals, insects, microbes and plants and that a prudent approach is warranted, since 5G is an unexamined technology. This is explained in more detail in our previous news item .

In Switzerland and Slovenia and several municipalities in Italy it has been democratically decided not to implement this technique for the time being, and France, Portugal, Spain and Austria are postponing the rollout until further notice. In addition – in addition to the health aspects – installing this technology not only costs the municipality, but also the telecom industry at enormous costs. The implementation of 5G technology also leads to almost double the energy . This is undesirable in this uncertain period, which will most likely lead to a protracted recession.

Substantiation of moratorium on 5G

In the appeal to the municipalities, in addition to explaining the necessity and urgency of the cessation of all 5G activities, we also provide an initiative with which administrators and parliament can carefully substantiate a moratorium on 5G.

The Corona crisis shows how disruptive it can be when public health is at stake. We plead in this turbulent time to take the advice of leading scientists to heart and to make well-considered considerations – blessings versus risks. Because with all these warnings and uncertainties, the question is whether the benefits of 5G outweigh the disadvantages. Will we as a society really benefit from 5G or is it above all a nice story that certain parties want to take advantage of?

Full letter including attachments:

Letter Call municipalities democratic process 5G, including appendices


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