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Max Igan Nailed It On The Mass #5G Rollout Agenda May 19th, 2018

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Download Episode MP3 Link: afiresidechat – May 19, 2018 Show Headline: A Fireside Chat with Lance White Max Igan spoke about the necessity to discover the hidden truths about the coming 5G network, “The Internet of Things”, and the relationship to chemtrails, nanotechnology and trans-humanism. Guest, Max Igan Guest Website: Radio Host, Filmmaker, Writer/Researcher Guest Biography: […]

Max Igan ‘New World Order 5G Smart Grid’

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Futurist and activist, Max Igan, joins the program to discuss the dangers of planned 5G worldwide rollout. He explains how this is the New World Order and the dangers that the network represents. He also shares how China is already in a social smart grid and how that is used to control and manipulate the […]