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Nine Ways #5G & #IoT Will Harm Humans, Environment & Earth

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Nine ways 5G and the IoT will harm humans, the environment, and Earth Health – The robust and growing independent science shows harms to our health from microwave radiation Privacy – The invasion of our privacy from the collection and mining of our digital data Cyber Security -The fast growing and devastating cyber security risks […]

Stop5G Activism Template 72 5G Related Liability Questions For Your City Council!

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5G Liability? 5G Accountability? 5G Health Risk Assessments? 5G Safety Code? If any third party objects to the release of the documents requested, [insert YOUR CITY name here] City Light should inform me so that we can agree on reasonable grounds for exclusion. Therefore, please respond to the following requests for disclosure of public records: […]


5G: An Incalculable, Unsafe and Irreversible Technology! [Dutch Stop5G Activism!]

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5G: an incalculable, unsafe and irreversible technology! Every now and then our government invites citizens to come with their feedback. This also applies to the #5G network. 239 people, companies and institutions climbed into the pen. One of them is Grietje Leenstra from Sint Annaparochie. Below is a large part of her letter to State […]


How WiFi Routers Create WiFi? See Video Demonstration!

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How Wi-Fi Routers Create Wi-Fi? SEE Video Demonstration! By B.N. Frank Wi-Fi seems to be everywhere but many people have no idea what it is. Kids probably assume it’s some kind of magic. Many adults probably assume the same. Wi-Fi (short for Wireless Frequency) is actually wireless radiation or microwave radiation as in what cooks […]


Lee Ann McAdoo Stop5G Report May 2018

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Lee Ann McAdoo Stop5G Report As we rapidly advance toward a #5G rollout, scientists continue to point to incomplete data on just how harmful electromagnetic radiation actually is. A new report suggests it is even harmful for tiny insects and plant life. If humans die off, the planet will survive. But if insects like bees […]

5G ‘Internet of Things’ Netherlands a Gift or Digital Prison?

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There will be superfast #5G internet for the entire country. Just like gas, water and light, the government promotes wireless access to the worldwide web as a basic need. That is what the Telegraaf is heading for today. Who does not want faster internet now? De Telegraaf reports [quote] Not only should there be wireless […]

Electromagnetic Radiation Power Lines & Cell Towers Threat to Wildlife, Report Finds

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‘Electromagnetic radiation from power lines, wi-fi, phone masts and broadcast transmitters poses a ‘credible’ threat to wildlife, a new report suggests, as environmentalists warned the #5G roll out could cause greater harm. An analysis of 97 studies by the EU-funded review body EKLIPSE concluded that radiation is a potential risk to insect and bird orientation […]


Smart City & 5G Penticton – What you Need to Know, Locals Supporting Locals!

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Locals Supporting Locals – The Heartbeat of the Okanagan (Alternative Media) We held a meeting of minds to discuss the health /safety and privacy issues of the new Telus #5G network currently being installed. As well we discussed our upcoming delegation in front of Penticton City Council for April 17th at 1pm Please join us […]


5G Linked to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Death?

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by John P. Thomas Health Impact News The new fifth generation (#5G) cellular system that is being installed in major American cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, Waco, Texas, and Sacramento [1, 3] will intensify the microwave radiation health risks for everyone living in those cities. [2] Eleven More Cities Targeted for 5G Deployment this Year […]