100s Germans Try to Escape from FORCED QUARANTINE! based upon LIES! Faulty ‘Danger’ Assumptions!

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100s Germans Try to Escape from FORCED QUARANTINE! based upon LIES! Faulty ‘Danger’ Assumptions!

In Göttingen, Germany, an apartment building has been permanently surrounded by ME and police in moon suits for days.

The 700 residents of the apartment complex on Groner Landstrasse have been involuntarily quarantined.

After everyone was obliged to donate cheek glue via a swap, it was soon announced that 120 people would have contracted corona at the shisha lounge, among others.

Immediately after this, the entire building was barricaded with gates and 24/7 police surveillance.

In addition to a few hundred local agents, private security companies have also been deployed by the government to supervise the apartment building.

Some apartment dwellers took to flight when the swab emerged because they in no way wanted to cooperate to facilitate the DNA bank through a swap.

However, the unfortunate fugitives were caught up by the police and were caught and swapped.

The refusers were also fined.

The flat consists of rental properties of between 19 m2 and 39 m2.

Mostly large families live in the cramped flats and with the current summer temperatures it is not nice to stay there.

This deplorable environment currently serves as the backdrop for the roll-out of the DDR 2.0, even 5G masts on the roof of the building have been thought to make the NWO picture almost complete.

But last Sunday, the residents who were put in isolation really did not like it anymore. They therefore tried to break through the HERAS fence.

Hundreds of people threw bottles, stones, and fireworks or took up bars and clubs.

Of the 300 officers on watch, eight were injured. That is 292 too few. Participating in this, even if it’s your job, puts you on the wrong side of history.

One hundred men attempted to climb over the fence, but they failed as police reinforcements were called in from the wider area of ​​Göttingen, including from Hildesheim, Hamelin and Nienburg, officers with extra sheepdogs rushed to the uprising of 200 innocent German civilians to hit.

The mayor of Göttingen Rolf-Georg Köhler condemned the apartment’s violent outbreak attempt.

Police chief Uwe Luhrig also says he has no understanding whatsoever for them and says that he will use all criminal means at his disposal full-force to put the disobedient Göttingers on their numbers for violating the corona measures and threatening them and injuring police officers.

Please read all of the 2010 Lockstep Document from the Rockefeller Institute.

And never forget that IBM, Microsoft and Google have set up the Artificial Intelligence observation system in China.


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