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Brit Sues Nokia For £1million Claiming Mobile Phone Caused His Brain Tumor!

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Brit Sues Nokia For £1million Claiming Mobile Phone Caused His Brain Tumor! Neil Whitfield, 60, and his family believe his cancer was caused by his Nokia phone (Image: Peter Powell / Sunday Mirror) A salesman who suffered a brain tumour is suing Nokia for ­“significant” compensation which could hit £1million – in a case that […]

5G Discernment Can Not Be SpoonFed Via MSM – Research #Stop5G

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Research: … it took 10 Hours (netto) to Produce that Video all Designing Work & Special FX Work and Musical Timing FX included. 01. Like: 02. Follow: 03. Join: 04. Vote: 05. Bookmark: 06. Subscribe: Those who object to the introduction of #5G networks will soon be accused […]

Is The UN Is Behind the Deadly 5G Rollout In America?

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From Tumors to Tyrann. 5G technology is beneficial but not when it involves the vulnerable brain and that is what the social planners are moving towards. Brain cancer rates are going to skyrocket. Here is the story. Sometimes we seem to live in a universe of sychronicity. On the very day, when I interviewed Virginia […]

Coalition Against Smart Meters & 5G LEGAL BATTLE DEMANDING BAN!

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DEMAND THAT SEATTLEBAN S MART METERS AND 5G,AND TURN OFF WI-FI IN SCHOOLS May 4, 2018 Read the latest version online at: Read May 4 Press Release Jenny Durkan, Seattle Mayor P.O. Box 94749 Seattle WA 98124-4749 Also sent by email to: Seattle City Council P.O. Box 94749 Seattle WA 98124-4749 Also sent […]

After Stop5G Activism Success Victory in California We Go Further!

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We defeated the proposal to further erode local zoning in California. The stakes are even higher now! Spread the word! Post links to this page and articles like the one in O’Dwyers The FCC voted to move forward with #5G, an extremely dangerous technology. Read Chairman Wheelers comments about the Spectrum Frontiers Proceeding […]

5G Radiation Dangers 11 Reasons To Be Concerned!

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Like it or not we’re rapidly moving into the world of 5G, or 5th generation cellular telecommunications. Why? Because the frequency bandwidths used currently by cell phones and similar technologies are becoming saturated. And also because we live in a world where people want more. 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT) that goes with […]

MASS Increase 5G Microwave Radiation Invading Privacy & Destroying Health!

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New 5G Cell Towers and Smart Meters to Increase Microwave Radiation – Invade Privacy, Destroy Health* Telecom Companies are Going Green, but Their Version of Green will cause Illness and Death By John P. Thomas When the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approved the use of 5-G microwave communication technology in 2016 and approved the use […]

5G Wireless Tech Health Risks Linked to EMFs

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“Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” -Admiral David Farragut during the Battle of Mobile Bay Telecommunications firms — with the blessing and support of their regulatory overseers — are rapidly preparing to roll out the next generation of mobile network technology known as 5G in test markets later this year, and in the first commercial […]

Frightening Frequencies: Dangers of 5G & What You Can Do About Them!

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By Jody McCutcheon As the old saying goes, give us an inch and inevitably we’ll want a mile. And certainly, this sentiment is true with technology. Who doesn’t want faster, bigger (or smaller), more efficient? Take wireless mobile telecommunications. Our current broadband cellular network platform, 4G (or fourth generation), allows us to transmit data faster […]