Historic Protest Against 5G Small Cell Roll Out at the FCC

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Protest Against 5G Small Cell Roll Out at the Federal Communications Commission

April 20th Protest at the Federal Communications Commission
The Wireless Telecom Industry is hell bent on installing 4G/5G antennas and infrastructure in the public rights of way in residential communities around the country and are aggressively pushing legislation on the federal, state, and local levels. A coalition of groups is planning a rally in Washington, DC on April 20, 2017 to oppose the  forced installation of 4G/5G “small cells” in our neighborhoods and to protect the zoning rights of local communities.
4G/5G will install hundreds of thousands of new cell phone towers on virtually every utility pole or lamppost with a “small cell” antenna beaming hazardous pulsed Radio-Frequency Microwave Radiation (RF/MW radiation) into our homes 24/7. Each “small cell” comes equipped with a noisy, power supply cabinet — potentially the size of a refrigerator — that can leak toxic chemicals from its batteries. This unnecessary infrastructure will also greatly detract from the aesthetics of our communities.
Tens of thousands of independent scientific studies prove that RF/MW radiation causes adverse health effects. According to many experts, the densification of our neighborhoods with wireless 4G/5G antennas and other infrastructure may prove to be a very ill-conceived idea. Fiber Optic cable, on the other hand, is a safe, healthy, fast, reliable, and far more cyber-secure alternative. Many scientists are calling for fiber-optic cables to every home, school, and business instead of hazardous 4G/5G antennas and infrastructure.
  • If you DO NOT WANT small cells beaming radiation into our homes 24/7
  • If you DO NOT WANT the wireless industry preempting local zoning rights
  • If you DO WANT to connect all homes, schools, and businesses with safe, reliable, cyber-secure, fiber optic cables.
For more information about 5G, please go to http://whatis5g.info



Stop5G Protest Against FCC

Stop5G Protest Against FCC

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