Mass Cover Up 5G Crisis? Compare ‘Google News’ vs Google Trends vs MSM ‘News’

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Professor M Pall: “​5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them” (March 2018)


Phased array, directed energy:

The 5G transmitters allowed by the FCC use phased array and directed energy, giving an effective radiated power of up to 30,000 watts per 100 MHz of spectrum. Telecom companies could buy up to 3 GHz of contiguous spectrum and then emit up to 900,000 watts.

Brillouin precursors:

These 5G waves and their re-radiated quasi-static Brillouin precursors, first described by Léon Brillouin in 1914, radiate far into the human body causing severe adverse health effects. The group velocity approximation assumes that the carrier wave dominates when radiation enters lossy material, like water and human tissue. In fact the Brillouin precursors, according to  Professor Kurt Oughstun, can become the dominant factor on cell membranes, where under Brillouin calculations, using asymptotic mathematical analysis, the radiation at 50 cm deep in human brain tissue is 78 times stronger than under group velocity approximation theory. The signal can be reflected inside the skull and has been associated with brain tumors, along with a rise in breast cancer incidence recorded near phased array radar stations. Dr Oughstun commented in 2002 on secret USAF studies: ” these results raise several health and safety issues that the USAF is unable—or perhaps even unwilling—to address at this time. To be sure, our current safety standards for exposure to pulsed electromagnetic radiation have failed to consider these critical factors.”

​This deployment of 5G radiation could herald the end of city and downtown life as we know it.

Expert assessment of allowing 5G: ‘Reckless in the Extreme’:

  • “The new 5G wireless technology involves millimeter waves (extremely high frequencies) producing photons of much greater energy than even 4G and WiFi. Allowing this technology to be used without proving its safety is reckless in the extreme, as the millimetre waves are known to have a profound effect on all parts of the human body.”
    ​Prof. Trevor Marshall, Director Autoimmunity Research Foundation, California (ref.)

International Appeal:

USA Appeal:


How to avoid 5G: be Electrosensitive, and Protest like Firefighters:
Even though the World Health Organization’s IARC classifies 5G as a 2B human carcinogen, and the preliminary NTP results have already confirmed that wirless is a cancer agent, US citizens still have no right to raise health objections against 5G under the extraordinary 1996 Telecommunications Act. Yet firefighters have been given exemption from having 5G towers. This is because they protested strongly after many became electrosensitive when they previously had wireless towers on their premises, exhibiting specific electrosensitivity symptoms, as confirmed by abnormal brain scans.

Human Race: Extinction Approaching

Prof. Martin Pall, an expert on human effects of RF radiation warns:

  • “DNA damage known to be produced by these EMFs occur in human sperm and may also occur in human eggs, leading to large increases in mutation in any children born. It is thought that an increase in mutation frequency of 2.5 to 3-fold will lead to extinction because of accumulation of large numbers of damaging mutations. We may already be over this level, and if so, simply continuing our current exposures will lead to eventual extinction. Further increases in exposures will be more rapidly self-destructive.”
                       Prof. Martin Pall: “Letter to California Legislators” (August 7 2017)
  • Prof. M Pall: “List of 134 Reviews on Non-thermal Effects of Microwave/Intermediate Frequency EMFs” (August 2017)



216 out of 400 cities and 34 out of 57 counties opposed the bill SB 649. It was passed on July 12 2017 but vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown on October 15 2017.



The Swiss Council of States on March 5 2018 refused to relax an ordinance on radiation emitted by mobile phone antennas, jeopardizing the launch, in 2020, of 5G. Switzerland will thus keep an ordinance fixing the maximum values of non-ionizing radiation that are ten times lower than in the European Union.


Confusion over 5G and street lamps, and their health effects in Gateshead:

5G and mmW (millimeter Wave) and Terahertz radiation: Health Harm

  • Key recommendations:
    Do not proceed to roll out 5G technologies pending pre-market studies on health effects
    Re-evaluate safety standards based on long term as well as short term studies on biological effects
                 (Russell C, 2017)
  • Frequencies:

    The new ‘5G’ (5th generation wireless radiation system) will use high frequencies. The 5G frequencies will probably be in the ‘millimetre Wave’ (mmW) range of about 30-300 GHz (= 10–1 mm = 0.003-0.3 THz), and Terahertz (300-3,000 GHz = 0.3-3 THz, = 1.0-0.1 mm).These may include 28 GHz, and perhaps 38, 60 and 72-73 GHz. There is no agreed standard yet. Research began under NASA in 2008. The electronic weapon Active Denial uses 95 GHz (= 3 mm wavelength). At the lower end, these frequencies are not far from WiFi and other microwave uses like cellphones, including frequencies like WiFi’s 5 GHz.
  • Approval and Trials:

    Trials were held in cities in the Netherlands in 2015. Larger trials are scheduled for 2017 in 11 cities in the USA and in London, England. Some states are seeking to eliminate new ​5G ​small cell Distributed Antenna System​s​ (DAS) from local control and jurisdiction. These small cells will be fitted on electric and light poles in front of businesses and residences. There is growing anger and disbelief at the disregard for the massive health problems which GHz radiation will cause so close to homes.
  • Monica Alleven: “Ericsson wants STA for supersecret 5G tests before Verizon board meeting” (Fierce Wireless, January 27 2017)
  • Kate Cox: “FCC Chair On 5G Future: “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.”” (Consumerist, July 9 2016)
  • Sean Kinney: “Verizon project in Palo Alto highlights challenges in scaling small cells” (RCR Wireless News, June 16 2017)The test results for 4G small cells in Palo Alto show that there is a major health crisis in the making. Critics argue that each small cell appears to be breaking the Nuremberg Code as regards its irradiation of passers by and local residents. Measurements show that RF/MW radiation is from 720,000 µW/m² to 1,230,000 µW/m². These levels are extremely hazardous according to Biological Safety Limits, where 1,000 µW/m² is an ‘extreme hazard’. The exposure is continuous for many persons and cumulative.
  • PMG: “Palo Alto 4G Small Cells: An Extreme Health Hazard” (Scientists for Wired Technology, April 23 2017)
  • No full health evaluation for 5G:

    There was a disastrous failure to evaluate fully the health harm from wireless radiation at lower frequencies than 5G, before the release of cellphones, cellphone towers, WiFi and smart meters. All this radiation, including 5G, is now classified as a class 2B human carcinogen and is a known neurological agent. The leading international experts now say that there is sufficient evidence to reclassify it as a class 2A probable or class 1 certain human carcinogen. There has so far been no full evaluation of the health harm from 5G radiation, especially long-term effects. This implies that 5G trials, often on mainly innocent and unaware populations, may be in contravention of the Nuremberg code.
  • 5G Health Harm: 5G radiation exposure should be below limits for sensitive populations:5G radiation is classified as a 2B human carcinogen which experts say should now be moved to a class 2A or 1 category (see above).Research since the 1970s and 1980s has shown that mmW is definitely bioactive. Exposure to mmW has both harmful and therapeutic effects, depending on frequencies, type of signals, exposure strength and exposure duration. It is also well established that many of these effects are non-thermal, although some are also the result of heating. The effects can also be non-linear and are sometimes genetically based, making detailed research essential before 5G radiation is approved for public or private irradiation areas where some members of the public will be especially sensitive depending on their genetic make-up.Now that real electrosensitivity is a well recognised condition (e.g. Belpomme D et al, 2015), it would be appropriate to ensure that all 5G transmitters are compliant with biological limits, such as the EUROPAEM 2016 Guidelines. The latter provide the latest safety limits for people with electrosensitivity (Belyaev I et a, 2016). It has been accepted by the WHO since 2002 that lower biological limits are required for “certain sensitive individuals” (ICNIRP) who need limits below the current heating standards.
  • Established Health risks from 5G:

    Many non-thermal effects are established, but the safety limits do not apply to them or to people especially sensitive to this type of radiation. In addition there are heating effects. The current outdated limits  apply only to these heating limits.It seems that mmW has harmful effects similar to other non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. These include: gene expression and cancer, DNA changes, antibiotic effects, effects on inter-cellular communication and acupuncture points, cognitive and fetal effects, effects on calcium mechanisms, effects on the eyes, and localized heating. There are also reports of specific EHS symptoms following mmW therapeutic exposure.Of particular concern are elderly people and others with thin skin. Exposure at mmW is known to penetrate the outer layers of skin. Where the skin is thinner or more vulnerable or sensitive, such as where there are more sweat ducts and pores, as on the face and back of hands, such people will be particularly vulnerable to the non-thermal effects as well as thermal ones. This already seems to be the case with the higher frequencies of WiFi.There is also special concern over the eyes, since mmW radiation is particularly harmful to the optical system. Prolonged exposure to 5G mmW radiation needs more ophthalmic research.
  • See below for a few of the hundreds of studies on health effects of mmW and Terahertz.
  • States should put public health before wireless convenience:

    Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck:
    “Article 4 section 51 of the Michigan Constitution States: ‘the public health and the general welfare of the people of the state are hereby declared to be a matter of primary public concern. The legislature shall pass suitable laws for the protection and promotion of public health.’ Despite the convenience and the enormous economic growth potential associated with the Internet of Things our primary concern as legislators is not convenience, nor economic growth. As much as I love technology as per our Michigan constitution the public health and the general welfare of the people of our state are supposed to be our primary concern”.“This convenience comes at a price and it comes at the price to the health of many of our citizens most notably children babies in the womb and even adults who suffer from hyper sensitivity to wireless transitions”.”Many of us are rightly concerned about the hazards of cigarettes, lead levels..and other harmful substances…but I regret to inform you that we need to add electromagnetic radiation from wireless technology to this list”Senator Patrick Colbeck: “Colbeck cites health as reason to slow ‘small cell’ rush” (March 15 2018, 6 min.)



Fiber optic cables as safe alternative to dangerous 5G radiation

Active Denial 95GHz offensive weapon, Directed Energy Weapons:

“‘Heat ray’ Crowd Dispersal Cannon -Active Denial System: Microwave Weapon” (2015, 3 min.)

A few Health Studies from hundreds:

​For evidence that microwave resonance effects depend on cell density, suggesting cell-to-cell interaction during response to exposure cells to mmW at 51.755 GHz for10 minutes, see slide 18 of:

Gene expression and cancer:

Alexandrov BS et al​, 2011Habauzit D et al​, 2014Korenstein-Ilan A et al, 2008.

DNA changes:

Alexandrov BS et al​, 2010

Cellular apoptosis and proliferation, calcium dynamics:

Li X et al, 2010Wu G et al, 2011Li X et al, 2012; Li X et al, 2012Ye J et al, 2015

Antibiotic effects:

Soghomonyan D et al, 2016Torgomyan H et al, 2012.

Inter-cellular communication and acupuncture points, low intensity effects:

DeSmul A​, 1996Lysenyuk VP et al​, 2000Vorobyov VV et al​, 2002

Specific EHS symptoms, eg parethesia, fatigue and sleepiness:

Usichenko TI et al, 2006

Cognitive and fetal effects:

Zhao Z et al, 1998; Zhao ZG et al, 2005;

Behavioral, and histopathological changes:

Sharma A et al, 2017

Calcium mechanism:

Titushkin IA et al​, 2009

Eyes effect:

Gandhi OP et al, 1986

Skin effects, hydration:

Alekseev SI et al, 2008

Skin effects, sweat ducts:

Feldman Y et al, 2008Feldman Y et al, 2009; Ney M et al, 2011Tripathi SR et al, 2015; Betzalel N et al, 2017; copyBetzalel N et al, 2018

Localized heating:

Millenbaugh NJ et al, 2008Romanenko S et al​, 2014; Wu T et al, 2015.

Pakhomov AG et al, 1998; article; Wu T et al, 2015

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