5G ‘Internet of Things’ Netherlands a Gift or Digital Prison?

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There will be superfast #5G internet for the entire country. Just like gas, water and light, the government promotes wireless access to the worldwide web as a basic need. That is what the Telegraaf is heading for today. Who does not want faster internet now? De Telegraaf reports [quote] Not only should there be wireless internet anywhere and anytime, but that connection must also be of excellent quality. Everybody has to be able to watch videos on his mobile everywhere and also futuristic delights as self-driving cars can not do without super internet. The implementation of 5G , the successor of the current 4G network, is up to the telecom providers. This can be seen from the memorandum published by Minister Kamp (Economic Affairs) today. Whether 5G also means higher costs is still uncertain. The telecom world expects that this will come loose. Many investment costs have already been made when rolling out 4G. In the Rotterdam and The Hague region some 50 billion are invested until 2050 to convert the region. The AD reports [citation] The Metropolitan Region, the partnership of The Hague, Rotterdam and 21 neighboring municipalities, is becoming the leader in the third industrial revolution on the basis of this roadmap, they assert. The 5G network is also a major player in this project. That is quite a bit: ‘the third industrial revolution’! Where will one be on goals?

With 5G, the future is approaching us with speed. Because it’s no longer possible to download movies even faster, but it’s about smart household appliances, the navigation of drones and self-driving cars and thinking-about traffic lights. At least, that is what you need to know if it is up to the Telegraaf . That all sounds pretty good as if we ended up in the realization of a science fiction film. Back to the future in our own Netherlands! Fantastic right? But did you also think about the dangers of all this fantastic technology for which that 5G network is needed? Then I’m not even talking about the frequencies on which these networks function and the potentially harmful effects on your brain. No, I am talking about a network that offers full-time opportunities to monitor every step of you, to follow every conversation, to read your body temperature and heart rate and emotion, that all your calls can be listened to and your phone camera as all-seeing available. Then I am talking about full coverage in espionage on you as a human being. Unfortunately, I know that this does not convince you. The average Dutchman thinks that we can best live in George Orwell’s 1984 because they simply have “nothing to hide”. I must come up with stronger arguments.

In order to convince you that the ‘internet of things’ and the 5G network does not mean such a bright future as you think, I have to refer to the gospel of the ‘singularity’ of Google’s technical superior, inventor and philosopher Ray Kurzweil. Singularity is the moment when the internet and technological progress are completely merged with the biology of man and nature (and the cosmos if you like). Within your life, you will continue to experience that the capacity and functionality of your Apple MacBook has the dimensions of a blood cell and fits in your body. Within a few years we can connect our brain to the internet and buy knowledge and computing capacity in ‘the cloud’. There will be an amalgamation of man and machine in the coming decades. Man is slowly being prepared for amalgamation with technology. Ultimately, this should lead to the immortality of the body in 2045 and the ability to live in digital realities that can not be distinguished from reality. This is due to nanotechnology that replaces the mortal and weak elements in our body and will eventually completely take over the original biology. The film Transcendence shows this well. All this comes from the mouth of someone responsible for billions of investments by Google and the establishment of several university projects such as the Singularity University : Ray Kurzweil.

And if the next decades are in that sign, you might imagine that as a cyborg you will be very sensitive to the information that can be uploaded directly into your brain. Where we still speak of mind-control-like issues through NLP techniques in the media and subliminal programming or influencing through HAARP , we will soon find ourselves in a world in which you can be directly managed. So the Telegraaf can say that the 5G network is handy for drones, self-driving cars and so on, but the real goal is perhaps the human brain. Vaccination programs already prepare our brains for this transhumanistic phase (listen to this radio broadcast ). And if the nano-crystals can infiltrate your body through the air (as a kind of virus) in the near future (or now) and then target your neurological network, this fusion of people with the internet will occur without you having to has it. In short: the more internet bandwidth the more interaction with the human machine in which you will be able to change unnoticed or consciously. The younger generation will partly choose for themselves (because it will offer career prospects) and partly be prepared through vaccinations; the older generation will be infected unnoticed via vaccinations. The possibility will also arise that we inhale these nano particles or get through the skin (rain). Does that sound like an idiotic thought? For the time being it still seems necessary to place an actual transmitter receiver under the skull for interaction with the brain, but the development of ‘neural dust’ already provides a direct interaction between man and machine (internet), at the receptor level (see this presentation). ). This means that within the foreseeable future you will see that students download their knowledge via a brain connection in ‘the cloud’ and that augmented reality will overlap our audiovisual perception. Wireless interaction with the human brain is therefore only a small step in technological development. You can see it as a nice technological development; a new step in the evolution of man or as a technology that turns the wireless internet into a potential digital prison. If the state invests in something it is usually in its own advantage.

See below how the evangelists of transhumanism and the singularity are trying to make the world enjoy the unprecedented possibilities of this technological progress, without mentioning the greatest danger: dependence on artificial intelligence and a power system controlled by the network managers and mainframes ( central computers ). Are you thinking about it? Then try to think about what you can do yourself to reverse these developments.

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