⚠️Top 22 Most Powerful #Stop5G Brainstorm Points Against MSM & Pro-5G Lobbyists!

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Top 22 Most Powerful #Stop5G Brainstorm Points for MSM (Future) Debates Challenges By John Kuhles April 12, 2020 🦜🦋🌳

🌐 There has NEVER ever been any open, honest, respectful and uncensored (live) debate between Pro and Contra 5G. A debate between:

⚠️ People who are pro-5G (including corporate lobbyists), already having HUGE advantage & head-start, getting all the coverage they need by all Mainstream Media outlets;
⚠️ People who have LEGIT health concerns, dealing with FORCED mass rollout of untested and uninsurable #5G cell towers, spewing non-native EMFs, radiating erratic pulsed microwaves 24/7 near (y)our children!

🌐 Forced Mass Rollout 5G Cell Towers near you and (y)our Children = Violating Nuremberg Code of International Law, Privacy Laws, Property Value, Precautionary Principle, “Do No Harm” Hippocratic Oath of Doctors that testify in Australia with Multiple Lawyers AGAINST 5G successfully! (one of many perfect solid examples that MSM refuses to discuss!).

🌐 In preparation of (near) future MSM debates (if it ever happens) … I want to brainstorm NOW what are the best strategies/points are to bring to the table … making a brief overview our strongest points, arguments & cases AGAINST 5G that holds up to scrutiny!

‼️ Suggestions (options) to prepare for future MSM debates:

⚠️Top 22 Most Powerful #Stop5G Brainstorm Points

🌐 Making Overview of:

  • 01. Small & Medium Stop5G Victories.
  • 02. Scientists & Doctors exposing 5G Health Risks!
  • 03. Top Scientific Articles about 5G Warnings.
  • 04. Showing WHO, ICNIRP, FCC Corruption, Collusion, Conflicts of Interests.
  • 05. Best Debaters Against Pro-5G lobbyists.
  • 06. Top 10 Best Stop5G Petitions (out of 100s!)
  • 07. 5G Mass Action (Notice of) Liability Lawsuits Worldwide With Updated Status!
  • 08. 1000s of Thumbnails showing Global Stop5G Protest Marches.
  • 09. Evidence Stop5G is not commercial nor calling for any violence nor damaging of properties.
  • 10. Best evidence of all “Fact Checker Sites” errors, lies, misrepresenting & framing.
  • 11. Best Videos of City Council Meetings Discussing 5G Dangers.
  • 12. Best 5G – C0r0navirus C0VID19 connection NOT what MSM claims we say!
  • 13. Declassified Government Military Navy 1950s up to 1990s discussing Microwave (and mmWaves) Sickness Symptoms
  • 14. Best evidence why Chronic use of WiFi, 4G & 5G all “NON-IONIZING” EMF Radiation 24/7 do harm!
  • 15. Debunking the most used “Debunking 5G dangers”.
  • 16. Explaining The Dark Orwellian Style Mass Surveillance Agenda run by PsychoTechnocrats.
  • 17. Showing Mysterious Deaths of Trees, Bees, Birds world wide! … Possible Causation?
  • 18. Stop5G Memes Reality Check! … Some are deliberate dis-info tactics.
  • 19. Secret Docs Show Government Covered Up Cell Phone Cancer Risks for Years!
  • 20. Showing EMF Detector Readings near Brand New Cell Towers!
  • 21. #Stop5Gmusic Growing Collection of Global Stop5G Protest Songs
  • 22. Examples of Lawful Rebellion Against 5G Activism.

⚠️01. Making a list (overview) of all small & medium local #Stop5Gvictory cases against 5G worldwide last 3 years. See: Stop5G-Victories

⚠️02. Making the best overview (as a reference) of all Scientists, Doctors, Biologists, Health Professionals, Professors, (Former) Government Officials, Whistler Blowers, EMF Experts (like IEEE & Building Biologists) etc. who shared an Testimonial Video with all their citations & source links to back up their claims & credentials. Like: EU-Scientists-Against-5G

⚠️03. Making the best overview of the best scientific based warnings/publications dealing with 5G Health Risks like: 5GWarning-by-IEEE & Scientific-American-5G-Warning but also from Peer Reviewed PubMed & “Google-Scholar” Publications!

⚠️04. Showing the best research exposing corruption, collusion, conflicts of interest & deceptions by amongst others: the FCC, WHO, ICNIRP that suppose to work (protect) for us not serving big corporations connected to Mass Rollout of 5G in (y)our (children’s) life-proximity.

Examples like:

🌐 FCCcapturedAgency

🌐 WHO-5G-EMFs-CoverUp

🌐 Stop5G-vs-ICNIRP-Corruption

🌐 MSM-ICNIRP-Deceptive-Content

⚠️05. Who would be the best Stop5G debaters (live) against Pro-5G Lobbyists in USA MSM and/or UK MSM? List of good or excellent candidates would be amongst others:

🌐 Dr. Devra Davis 🌐 Dr. Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry 🌐 and many more!

⚠️06. Make a Top 10 (out of 100s) of The Best Stop5G Petitions last 3 years!

⚠️07. Make an overview of all 5G Lawsuits worldwide and add what the (updated) “status” is every week!

⚠️08. Make an online overview (huge online photo album with 1000s of thumbnails) of Stop5G protest marches in almost all countries worldwide! … Then realize Mainstream Media has NO EXCUSE not to have a honest debate SERVING the public interest NOT their corporate masters!

⚠️09. Sowing all evidence that Stop5G Fb Group and Stop5G.net is 100% Commercial Free and Explicit Against any Violence or Unlawful Actions!

🌐 See for yourself our Stop5G Fb Group Rules Number 02 & 04. (Since 2017): Stop5G-FbGroupRules2020

Both is already falsely assumed by Mainstream Media (Like Metro, BBC, Wired etc.) part of an obvious Agenda to take down any real resistance via FRAMING, deliberate misrepresenting, out of context quoting, false insinuations, libel, slander, defaming, smears. blatant lies and more deception techniques. See a.o.: MSM-Bias-Fact-Check-5G

⚠️10. Showing the best evidence of all “Fact Checker Sites” errors, lies, misrepresenting & framing … Which often is the bases of 100s of MSM articles and Faulty Fb A.I. Censor Algorithms!

⚠️11. Showing an overview of the best videos of City Council meetings worldwide (mostly from USA) explaining in great detail why 5G could be or IS dangerous! … The reason why this so important … it shows exactly what Mainstream Media willfully ignores and act if we are “stupid” meanwhile they are the ones that ACTING or they ARE stupid & dumb then accusing us of what they are willfully doing. I know it is weird. George Orwell is probably rolling in his grave about this right now!

⚠️12. What is the best way to do full justice to all Stop5G Activists that have only QUESTIONS dealing with 5G – C0r0navirus C0VID19

Maybe we can start a poll soon to explain where we stand as the majority Meanwhile most NEVER EVER claimed “5G is the viru$ or the cause of the viru$”.

What most of us DO claim (even before the hype) is that WiFi & 4G and now 5G together attacks our immune-system 24/7 last decade changing our metabolism and blood … WHICH CAN BE PROVEN as even FCC admits that non-ionizing has it limits in power use! … Those so called “safety limits” are NOT based upon “safety standards” backed by evidence but based upon Bogus “Radiation Watchdog” ICNIRP that only created guidelines (not standards) with a very important “Legal Disclaimer” on the ICNIRP site that MSM never ever will tell you!

⚠️13. We can make a credible overview of all Declassified Government (Military & Navy) Documents Worldwide of the 1960s, 70s, 80s & 90s discussing Microwave (and mmWaves) Sickness Symptoms almost identical to current #EHS Symptoms & growing “Mystery Illnesses” we had and still have last decade! … Knowing that 5G Frequency Range (3Ghz up to 300Ghz) was already being used by The Navy & Military in many countries! … Another PERFECT example what Mainstream Media will not discuss, even if they did they will NOT share the important details of it.

⚠️14. Making the best case why Chronic use of WiFi, 3G, 4G & 5G all “NON-IONIZING” (erratic pulsed) radiation 24/7 does harm, alters metabolism, changes our blood, affecting our nervous-system etc. … Why do Mainstream Media, Governments, ICNIRP, FCC & WHO willfully ignore this: Microwaves-DNAn-Damage … Why?

⚠️15. Making an overview of the most used “Debunking 5G dangers” talking points that serves only to protect the corporate narrative … then we can easily DEBUNK them all … Am working on a special new Stop5G Video production about that issue! … Coming out soon! 🌐 See: Top8-5G-lies-by-MSM

⚠️16. Showing most important dark issues related mass misuse of 5G tech everywhere like up coming global A.I. run “Social Credit System” … starts a.o. with using a specific >>> Mandatory App <<< you are forced to “agree/accept” to have the “privilege” of using your smartphone connected to real-time mass 4G-5G smart surveillance-grid run my PsychoTechnocrats & A.I. but no real debate about creeping slowly creeping NWO Technocracy everywhere (study technocracy.news) … Mass Surveillance Society, 5G using Directional Beamforming Military Grade Technology! … Showing evidence that 5G can be used as a (crowd control) weapon! … See: 5Gcrowdcontrol … Another LEGIT concern that is brushed away by most Pro-5G morons!

⚠️17. Making huge overview of all videos, photos, articles discussing Mysterious Deaths of Trees, Bees, Birds world wide last 3 years near Cell Towers … Not all is 5G some of it is from 4G or 4G LTE but 100% related as it shows POSSIBLE causation! Msm will definitely NOT use our nuance but rather use “straw-man argument tactics.

⚠️18.Showing the “Stop5G Memes Reality Check!” … Several (partial) dis-info tactics (or misrepresenting) “Anti-5G memes” can be debunked by us as most know it will be used against us even if it does NOT represent our cause nor the majority of Stop5G activists! See:Stop5GMemesRealityCheck

⚠️19. Secret Docs show Gov Covered Up Cell Phone Cancer Risks for Years … See: bit.ly/2uhq2ny … Why is this so important? … Two main reasons: 01. It shows this can also happen with 5G … 02. They claim by default: “there is no reason to fear 5G as it is the same as 4G and we found “no problems” with 4G Cell Towers so “no worries” … ALL LIES!

When some corporate minions believe their own sold lies it becomes “white washed lies” as the lie detector wont register it. The blind believer believes his own deception or is a victim of blind trust in authorities. (Peers).

🌐 100% Proof Global Telecoms Giant Ericsson Says 5G is Dangerous. See: EricssonSays5GisDangerous

⚠️20. Lets make an overview or 100s of videos where people use EMF detectors near Brand New Cell Towers! … Showing how strong is the radiation power? How many micro-Watts per Square Centimeter (mW cm2) (Some of them may be 4G or 4G LTE).

⚠️21. #Stop5Gmusic Growing Collection of Global Stop5G Protest Songs

⚠️22. Examples of Lawful Rebellion Against 5G

>>> 🌐 Related Topic: 12-Valid-5G-Questions

John Kuhles 🦜🦋🌳 April 12, 2020

Founder Fb.com/groups/Stop5G
Stop5G.net & Twitter.com/Stop5G

John Kuhles Stop5G.net


⚠️ ICNIRP and/or W.H.O. and/or FCC discussed in any Pro #5G video or MSM articles? 🌐 ‼️ Always add these 28 links (in the description box of the video or in comments below it):

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