Why does MSM like BBC, Metro & Wired feel the need to misrepresent Stop5G Activists!

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John Kuhles Founder of Fb.com/groups/Stop5G (28,050+ members from over 163 countries!)

Just because some-one has the power to write for mainstream media (msm) is NOT a guarantee they use the “highest standards” of journalism … more often it is the opposite … They know most people have no time to check things out for themselves (counting on you being lazy and/or too busy) seen as so called “authorities” that does not need to be checked by real honesty, as they can get away with lies without big fact checkers correcting them.Bogus (payed) “fact checkers” sites are part of the whole package. Giving the masses the illusion MSM “never lies” and represent “independent scientific fact based reporting” that suppose to be free from any collusion & corruption.


Defamation, Libel, Slander and Cybersmear.

The moment you realize WHY they never ever can make an honest summary (representation) of that what they attack that does do justice to the full spectrum of the truth without insinuations without conjecture without the need to use cheap characterization attacks … they have NO case and they know it. Using FRAUDULENT “fact checkers” sites like snopes is often a “GREEN LIGHT” that “anything goes” … No need to ask if it is true or not … just use that part to feel “confident” to add more misinformation to demonize somebody or even a whole Fb Group! Like using “Straw-Man Argument” Tactics:First you create a (false) perception (a straw-man) and when you are finished doing that … you attack and “expose” that straw-man with even more conjecture & misrepresentations … (anything goes).


MSM fears 5G Health Risks Debate Live?

Notice how they fear a live debate … can you show me any mainstream media (last 3 years) that allows open unedited live debate on this 5G topic? You can’t, why is that? … you just have to trust them they have the “best” interest not allowing open debate. When anyone GIVES them that kind of blind trust is often done because peoples minds are already made up assuming their views are “not opinion based” or “are not political based” or “are not influenced by corporate interests” … and even if you know it was, most do not want to be “associated” by “conspiracy theorists”.

For me it is very fascinating to study mass psychology (mass conditioning) and most have absolutely no time to do research that and if you did you may become a target of ridicule in very fast even if you can back it up with corroborated evidence. It takes true passion to break the mass conditioning … Those people who do are very rare and when they are challenged do not expect they are allowed to be summarized (represented) in such a way that 100% correct with room for corrections.

Their skills is NOT about revealing why it might be very significant what you have to say (even if true vindication is inevitable in the near future when it is too late) … Notice how the media often uses the “Playing the Devils Advocate” tactic … NOT assuming it is right or correct but just to test you how you respond … Why is it they can not do that in reverse? … Most likely because all hell breaks lose!

“Any generalization for or against is never gonna do justice to the full spectrum of the truth! … it only serves a specific narrow agenda”.


⚠️ Anything that is transmitting Erratic Pulsed Microwaves ☠️ (Non-Native EMFs) is ADDING to the Cumulative Harmful effects that is already happening all around us 24/7.Is 1 drop of alcohol per day “safe” or “within acceptable risks” for children? … What about 2 drops per day? … What about 3? … What about CUMULATIVE drops every 10 seconds 24/7?Do you see what is going on with all new #5G Cell Towers & 5G Modem/Routers & New 5G Smartphones and all other ‘Smart’ #IoT (Internet of Tumors) Gadgets … Do get my point?

Source-links: tinyurl.com/Cumulative-5G-Harm & tinyurl.com/Massive-5G-Scandal



BUSTING “Coda Story” For Their Fake-News Attacks on Stop5G Activists!


⚠️ 02-25-2020 Mainstream Media attacks #Stop5G & #Stop5GUK Fb Group misrepresenting & false assumptions.

Very soon that article will be copied all over the world, maybe other authoritative news outlets add some more dis-info about us. It will be the bases for new hit-peaces to make a “Case” for corrupt “Fact-Checker Sites” to FLAG us using MSM copy cats as their “source” demanding for more censorship!

They have NO ACCOUNTABILITY … They give no option to challenge their claims. Yet it will be used as a “source” for corrupt “Fact Checker Sites” to flag anyone they want to censor! … Facebook will soon warn uninformed visitors that we suppose to spread “misleading” information. First stage is to LABEL us … next stage is full Censorship!

Source: tinyurl.com/MSM-hitpeace-Stop5G-Activism

My message to @AlexWilkins (Metro): There is MORE evidence that we have real corroborated evidence, than that there is evidence that we suppose to have “no evidence” … So you are the one that is lying!


[quote] John you are a “Conspiracy Nut” [unquote]

~my response:

Yeah it “must” be total nuts that we have laws to put people in prison (jail) for conspiring … totally nuts is that … what were they thinking? … When two or more people prepare to commit a crime or to do harm is totally “science fiction” … the lawmakers must also be “conspiracy nuts” then.

Conspiracy Researchers studies Proven Conspiracy Facts and sometimes have “Theories” about KNOWN liars mixed with hard evidence of corruption, colluding, deceptions etc. … To label some one “Conspiracy Theorists” is to FALSELY ASSUME that some one ‘only’ cooks up “theories”. This need to control the narrative by MSM is part of mass dumbing down of a nation!Look up the word “Conspiracy” in any (LAW) Dictionary … then ask yourself is that “science fiction”? … When 2 or more people prepare to commit a crime or to do harm is that so “far fetched” … what MSM tries to do is you to be associated with certain people that are FAR from being a true researchers or being an honest conspiracy analyst. The reason MSM never can share an honest representation of that what they attack is because they assume most will not verify their own sold claims & judgemental assumptions to them! So they count on you being lazy!

Ask any police officer if they are allowed to have a theory when they investigating a possible crime … just ask them please … Than you will realize HOW STUPID the framing is.

TV Series like: “Inspector Columbo” (Peter Falk) would be pretty BORING if he was not allowed to have several theories when he is investigating a possible crime(s) and/or criminal suspect(s). You see they DEMONIZE any critical thinking exposing Government Puppet Politicians, Corrupted Mainstream Media, Hijacked “Protecting Agencies”, Big Pharma Mafia, Banksters with their Giant Fiat Money Ponzi Scheme etc.

”One more thing”, (my second message to @AlexWilkins Metro):

Those who object to the introduction of #5G networks will soon be accused of conspiracy thinking. It does not address or even look at what 5G actually means. Apparently there is a blind faith that our government is responsibly dealing with this matter. Whether that trust is justified, is very much the question! To begin with, the Netherlands has the highest standard for electromagnetic radiation (EHS) in Europe. Radiation levels therefore quickly fall within the acceptable standard. This standard is established as follows: A bag of salt water was irradiated for six minutes by a transmitter. Then it was examined how hot the water was and concluded that it was safe. Only the thermal effect of radiation has determined the safety standard, biological effects have not been studied at all. Health risks therefore play no role for our government in determining acceptable radiation levels! Already 3500 people in the Netherlands know that their health problems are caused by EHS, but many people with health problems do not know this. Doctors are often not aware of the radiation caused by radiation and therefore do not recognize it as such. Animals, plants and trees, in particular bees, chestnuts, elms and tomatoes, also suffer from EHS. And then it is not even 5G, but the current 4G networks!

A second reason to mistrust our government in this matter is money. The current frequencies have been sold for 9 billion euros and a lot of profit and wage tax is levied annually by the telecom providers, who earn a lot of money. It is therefore very ordinary just a revenue model!

In research into the effects of 5G on animals, these health complaints were found: pain sensation and blisters in irradiated skin, reddening of the skin, corneal damage of the eye, damage to the membrane of leukocytes (leaking white blood cells), influencing nerve-muscle functions, disruption control overheated sweat glands, cell proliferation by DNA (cancer formation!), activation of stress proteins in cell damage, disruption of protein-receptor binding, bacterial resistance to antibiotics and changes in the DNA. That is not nothing! Presently there are tests going on with 5G transmitter masts, including in North Groningen. The animals there are going crazy!

How would we feel without radiation? This can hardly be determined. Even if you switch off your own Wi-Fi, you still suffer from the neighbors’ Wi-Fi, a radio mast in the neighborhood, etc. Radiation is everywhere. Little by little, the frequencies are getting more and more increased, our limits are constantly being stretched, with all the health risks that entails. Should we want to?

2019-2020+ Mass Mandatory Unrolling #5G Erratic Pulsed Microwave Radiation Everywhere Is A Mass Assault on: Hippocratic Oath, Private Property & Privacy Rights, Oath to the US Constitution, 4th Amendment, Self-Determination Rights! … and violating 1 of them is already enough to get really upset let alone all 6 combined! … It is sooooo BLATANT ATTACK on all of us including all biological life like plants, trees, insects (especially bees) … the list of technocratic-horror seems endless! … and i did not even mention Government & Corporate (A.I.) Behavior Modification Programs (aka “Mind-control Projects”)

Remember – things that the government once tested and considered “safe” include such toxic horrors as thalilomide, amalgam fillings, smoking, asbestos, lead paint, fluoride, vaccines, and Agent Orange. Can we really trust these so-called government ‘health’ agencies?

Consider this: The $25 million dollar study was the Rammazini Study. The Rammazini Study is the one referred to in the ACS March 2018 press release announcing the link between cell phone radiation and gliomas (brain) and schwanoma (heart) cancerous tumors. But the NTP study is actually more significant because it was performed over a longer period of time. This is criminal, all out murder of unsuspecting citizens who believe they live in a free country whose leadership will protect their health & safety. National Toxicology Program has concluded that wireless radiation causes cancer. Natural health advocates say that 70 percent of non-industry studies assess wireless radiation as harmful; with industry studies, the effects are reversed – with only 32 percent showing that wireless radiation is harmful. But, either way, the dangers are clear and being ignored by our government due to corporate interests.


My third message to @AlexWilkins (Metro): here

Geeee now I see nowWHY @AlexWilkins (Metro) is focusing on us discussing CoronaVirus … it is a topic that people lose twitter accounts & YouTube intervention … he hopes we get that too I guess … pushing that false narrative.


My fourth message to @AlexWilkins (Metro): here

⚠️ How moronic to focus only on 6 minutes “Thermal (Heating) Effects” of Microwaves & mmWaves, when people can go to a Sauna or bathing in the Sun which is known to be healthy because Full spectrum Native EMFs (like Sunlight) are not Erratic Pulsed!

⚠️ Meanwhile ignoring all Cumulative Biological Effects of Erratic Pulsed Microwaves ☠️ Non-Native EMFs >:(

⚠️ For example: How many know what it takes using Low Powered Microwaves to Sterilize a Fertilized Chicken Egg not able to Hatch anymore because of it? … And why does FCC, ICNIRP & WHO not care to understand the mechanism of Microwaves on anything Biological? … Why?

⚠️ They just COUNT on you blindly trusting that they are the “only” real “incorruptible authorities” on (Non Ionizing) Radiation Safety “Protection Agency” meanwhile they are NOT protecting (y)our children. … Study their 3 corrupted methods: tinyurl.com/FCCcapturedAgency & tinyurl.com/WHO-5G-EMFs-CoverUp & tinyurl.com/Stop5G-vs-ICNIRP-Corruption


⚠️ 12 valid #5G questions most people won’t ask!

01. Proximity: (how far is the new 5G cell tower away from your bedroom?) or how close is your 5G smart-phone (if you use one) to your body?

02. Duration: how long do you get exposed? (cumulative health effects).

03. How strong is the Radiation Power? How many micro-Watts per Square Centimeter (mW cm2)The alleged (FCC, WHO & ICNIRP) “Safety Limits” or “Safety Guidelines” threshold are OUTDATED and only based upon “Thermal (Heating) Effects” on a bag of water with salt in it radiating it only 6 minutes (not 24/7), ignoring 1000s of (new) Scientific Research dealing with all kinds of Biological Effects like: Metabolism, Calcium Voltage Gated Channels, Hormone Production Disruption, Blood-Brain Barrier Problems, Melatonin Production Affected, Nervous System: Neurological Problems, Cardio Vascular Effects, Eye Problems, Sleep Disorders, Brain-Fog, Cognitive Effects, Infertility, Genetic Defects, Tinnitus, Nausea/Dizziness, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes with Children, Cancer (Tumors), Your immune-system totally compromised causing serious problems dealing with common flu virus etc.

04. Is it Erratic Pulsed? ( = non-Native EMFs).

05. How High is The Frequency? (Microwaves: 300 Mhz up to 30 Ghz or mmWaves: 30 Ghz up to 300 Ghz).

06. Densification: How many different transmitters are overlapping each-other in your 300 Feet (100 Meter) Radius Zone?

07. Is it insurable? If not why not?

08. Loss in property value? (your home) if new 5G Cell Tower is close to your house!

09. Privacy Invasion … 5G Mass “Smart Surveillance Grid” soon A.I. run “Social Credit System” micromanaging everybody eroding your freedoms further connected to future mandatory vaccinations?

10. Are we all part of a Involuntary Mass Experiment Violating The Nuremberg Code created after The Nazi Trials, as they admitted 5G has NEVER been tested for long term health effects! … And what about our children who are much more vulnerable? … Who protects them if they are bombarded with Microwaves everywhere including schools!

11. Will 5G also be used as a Weapon? … Military Grade Phased Array Beamforming Antennas for “Crowd Control” also known as D.E.W. Active Denial System? Answer is yes, see this link.

12. What about liability lawsuits … Courts unpredictable handling of liability for vaccine-related injuries has created apprehension among manufacturers does this also go for future 5G injuries? Same for Smart-meters causing fires openly admitted in California PG&E having a bail out, thus NO accountability for their crimes, did they know this gonna happen in advance just like the vaccine injury compensation payed by (y)our tax dollars not by Big Pharma!.

Banksters bailout in 2008 “too big too fail” criminals unpunished!Do all Big Telecom Industries KNOW they are protected by our corrupted FCC (government) if they lose in court or go bankrupt? … Sane people would study & demand how Iceland deals with Bankster criminals and demand 100% accountability & transparency!Will they use the same mind-games like claiming “5G is too big too fail” excuse? … Even if we can prove they were warned way ahead of time AND putting them on notice!

There is NO excuse they can use like: “we did not know” as we warned them by the 1000s world wide since early 2016 onward on record! … If all is true what I just wrote, and they do not giva fck … what price do we (including our children) pay if we let them? … Knowing they broke/break multiple laws and get away with it.


BUSTING “Coda Story” For Their Fake-News Attacks on Stop5G Activists!


CoronaVirus & Possible 5G Connection?

Most of us DO NOT KNOW! … do not assume we all the same … and nobody represents the whole!

⚠️ See also all my postings here

I see #5G & “4G LTE” BOTH using Beamforming 8×8 MIMO Military Grade Phased Array Antennas! (old 4G does not).

My take on 4G LTE & 5G connection to ANY possible virus is that our immune-system is cumulative attacked /disrupted/compromised via more and more multiple sources that Radiate Erratic PULSED Microwaves from amongst others: Bluetooth, DECT, Smartphones, Smart TVs, “Free WiFi Hot Spots” in the City, Cordless Headset, Cordless Microphone, Smart-meters, including Smart Gas Meter, Smart Water Meter, Smart LED Streetlights, Anything Smart in your Car, Baby-phone, Wireless Security Cameras, Smart Fridge and I can go on and on and on.

What if the Age of being “higher at risk” for a virus to become lethal will go lower and lower thus MORE people will die NOT because the virus is SOLELY responsible but HOW we live last 2 decades!

Thus when MORE people die is excactly what they need to boost the Mass Panic in Mainstream Media to push for “Mandatory Vaccines” (which is even worse for an already weakened immune system) see video: tinyurl.com/MandatoryVaccines-are-Worse and more Totalitarian mass surveillance “solutions” eroding our freedoms even further … Having more control over the media & what you are allowed to do or not. Like Flying. “only vaccinated are allowed to fly” is one of their next-level Orwellian tactics.

So when people repeat “there is no 5G connection” in certain areas with Coronavirus are totally missing the point … 5G is just an (extra) part of the whole CALLED: “anything wireless & smart” (IoT) = cumulative harmful erratic pulsed microwaves. Even the government admitted the rise of “mystery illnesses” is growing every year and they do NOT want to see the (possible) connection with what I just explained! I highly recommend a very recent interview done with Dr. Martin Pall see video

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe: Intro to Non-ionising Radiation Health & Science:

Corona and 5G update UK Nurse Kate, RGN Shemirani RGN INP the truth! (Brilliant!):

⚠️ Coronavirus is in my opinion (assessment) most likely a Common Cold (or Common Flu? or both?) Virus that hurts weak people and may die because of having a too weak immune system! … This always happened for centuries a small percentage DIE because of a flu virus … But now with cumulative harmful mass 4G Cell Towers & soon #5G Cell Towers everywhere & WiFi & Bluetooth & Cordless Headsets Phones “Healthy People” ALSO get weaker! (let that sink in for a moment …)

Can please anyone make a list of what is attacking and/or disrupting our immune-system last 20 years.

Did you know Governments admitted we have huge rise of “Mystery Illnesses” meanwhile if you study the declassified Military & Navy Documents discussing Microwave Sickness Symptoms in the 1960s, 70s & 80s from the SAME RANGE FREQUENCIES that 5G will use! … Microwave Sickness Symptoms are almost identical with current #EHS Symptoms* which are officially recognized by European Commission & Parliament.

  • EHS = Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

If they push Mandatory Vaccines on all of us THAT could be much worse than having a common cold flu virus, see video why!

Video: here


Stop 5G before it’s irreversible!

BUSTING “Coda Story” For Their Fake-News Attacks on Stop5G Activists!

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