New evidence they are cutting Trees for 5G in Holland, UK, Ireland & Italy

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More and more people are noticing the crazy amount of tree felling that is taking place everywhere in the Netherlands. In addition, as a motivation for this hood, all kinds of chatter stories are sold, such as ‘too many car accidents’. The trees are said to be too close to the road. Figures are not given, but the logging license is apparently based on this cake. Take a look at the picture above, how for example on Brabant roads, it really runs out of place with those trees, so dangerous along the way …

But in recent months, more and more messages have appeared that the 5G smart network to be constructed would have something to do with this. Because the relatively short waves of this 5G electro-magnetic grid would be hampered by all kinds of ‘obstacles’, such as small and higher trees. Well, who would have thought of that ..?

All the more reason to fully focus on this matter in recent weeks and we have to say: INDEED there appear to be documents that clearly show that trees, large and small, are ‘standing in the way of the 5G network’. But is that really the reason, an ‘obviousness’ that is now being cut in the Netherlands. Because the extent to which, can almost be called criminal.

We would like to call you through this article to help you report the CONTINUE LIST with logging projects (planned and / or executed) to the ‘Logging point for logging’. So if you have examples of this scandalous hood, or planned destruction, click on this link ( HERE ) So that they can continue to complete this list. Who can tell more about the felling permits for this mass slaughter under trees in the Netherlands, is welcome to share it with us .. !!

There must be people who, possibly as whistleblowers, can bring out their information about this ..? And in particular documents, which demonstrates the link between tree felling and the 5G network currently in the making. X


Tree cover to give 5G a free job … !?

The person who delves into the relationship between the mega-tree canopy, which is currently taking place in the Netherlands and the upcoming 5G network, will encounter many extremely indignant reactions, from Facebook to various blogs. From newspaper articles and local TV and radio stations. What is suddenly happening here? Of course there was also logging in previous years, but not on such a massive scale and not accompanied by all kinds of kul arguments, as is now the case .. !!

It seems to be a part of the ‘camouflage’ to tackle the N-roads in particular and to cut down trees unbridled. For example, RTL news reported on this phenomenon and it appeared that Minister Cora van den Nieuwenhuizen is FULLY aware of tree felling and apparently presents the safety aspect as a reason for these devastations among the tree population in the Netherlands. See this message on the right and click on the illustration to make a link to the original article.

Next case: 343 beautiful trees against the plain ..?
Hoppekee, in Gelderland the province wants to cut 343 trees along the N319, the provincial road between Ruurlo and Groenlo, to make it all a lot safer. Scandalous, call furious local residents and nature associations. Some trees are more than 100 years old .. !!

He started Jaap Cannegieter as president of Tree Foundation Achterhoek and nature association Mooi Groenlo a citizens’ initiative. This is to prevent tree felling in the Netherlands. He is very angry about the province’s plans for tree felling along the N319.

A petition against the hood, was signed more than 46,000 times and the signatures were handed over at the end of 2018 to Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management. To prevent the felling of trees in its own province, Cannegieter is carrying out local campaigns. There are many promotions, but the hood continues unabated. This is what one of the petitions expresses:

We and our children deserve a better future! We, citizens of the Netherlands, note:

  • The Netherlands deforested faster than the Amazon
  • More than 30,000 hectares of forest have been cut away since Rutte I
  • Burning wood for energy generation is 15% more polluting than burning on gas or oil
  • The bio-diversity is being destroyed on a large scale by Staatsbosbeheer and others.
  • The mass of tree felling is completely contrary to Article 191 (1) of the EU Treaty.

that’s why we want:

  • A total tree felling ban in the Netherlands.
  • Only felling with a felling permit if there is a very good reason for this, such as for safety or due to tree disease.
  • Stop the subsidy on wood biomass (= 15% more CO2 emissions than coal!)
  • Planting of at least 30,000 hectares of new forests
  • We demand a permanent, sustainable tree-forest nature policy

But not only the N-roads are the bobbin ..
A horrible sight, no matter how beautiful city streets with beautiful mature trees, turn into bare streets. Green squares that change into a bare stone plain in a few hours .. ROAD SAFETY .. ?? But not only in the city, but also in forest areas, logging is taking place. Isn’t it strange that even the former director of Staatsbosbeheer , Frits van Beusekom, is seriously concerned about ‘the robbery’ in Dutch forests. (click on the illustration for the entire interview)

Although the harvested wood provides income, the strong suspicion is justified that ANOTHER AGENDA is behind this massive destruction. Did we previously have safety on N roads and was there so-called ‘remediation’, in which the wood in the incinerators disappears, as part of a ‘sustainability policy’ from the Rutte cabinet, now all of a sudden all corners and holes are appearing idiotic motivations, why trees must be massively destroyed.

Take a look at this photo of Thomas Schlijper, who took 2 photos, with an interval of less than half a year in the Frederik Hendrikstraat in Amsterdam .. This picture tells the story of 1000 words .. About the ‘deliberate’ canopy of trees in the Frederik Hendrikstraat. ( HERE )

We already have so little forest, why this massive canopy of sometimes centuries-old trees .. ?? Did you know that we live in the least wooded country of Western Europe. But apparently it is not enough to ‘take it easy’, because there are still many plans in place, to cut down trees massively everywhere, along roads and in nature reserves. If all plans continue, a huge amount of forest will disappear. This while the Netherlands already has little forest compared to our neighboring countries.

‘The destruction of forests in the Netherlands is similar to that in the tropics. For more than five years, around 1000 hectares (2000 football pitches) of trees have been felled every year. This is packaged as sustainable management. “

Jaap Kuper (former steward ‘Kroondomein Het Loo’)

From 2013 to 2017, the amount of forest in our country has decreased by 5400 hectares.   There are plans to cut another 1231 hectares while only 304 hectares of new forest are planned. The Netherlands deforested. In the Netherlands, 11% of the area currently consists of forest: barely 200 m² of forest per inhabitant. This is already in stark contrast to the 32% in Germany, 28% in France and 22% in Belgium. And of course there is no social understanding, let alone support, for this massive tree cover.

Surveys show that no less than 80% to 95% of respondents are against tree felling. The replanting promise turns out to be a real nose. Trees from forty to eighty years old are cut down and young trees come back for that. Every child from kindergarten understands that this is not in any proportion .. !!

For those who look and SEE .. !!

The hidden agenda behind the massive tree canopy

We also see this massive tree cover in other (European) countries; same development. And you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see a connection between this massive tree felling and the deployment and implementation of the 5G network. And because this story is unlikely to be caught by very many citizens, it must all be ‘kept secret’ again. Do we see ghosts? Are we conspiracy thinkers, conspiracies …?

For us, the reason for this conclusion can be found directly – initially – in a study by the University of Surrey, as is clear from the article. This clearly shows that for an optimum signal range of 5G, the boom height must be at least 3 meters lower than the 5G masts placed. Trees appear to be obstacles for the signal range of 5G. [6]

The 5G network seems to be part of the UN 2021 plan for ‘sustainable development’. Everyone in the world super fast internet .. That you do not yet have food, cannot read and write is apparently of less importance .. But that makes it extremely unlikely that the system would have been developed (exclusively) for telecommunications ..? No discussion: 5G is very harmful with continuous exposure ..! And is that (also) the intention .. ??? Look at this article from SBWire. Click on illustration for entire article:

Implementation 5G without health research .. ??
We placed HERE in our previous main article a very comprehensive story about the negative influence of 5G waves on the human body. And despite the FACT that scientific-medical researchers warn us of these serious consequences, governments do not want to first investigate the health risks of 5G. That is at least remarkable, certainly outrageous, since the health risks of 4G radiation are now also becoming increasingly apparent.

The 5G millimeter waves (MMW) affect the nervous system and the electromagnetic radiation can lead to anxiety and stress in the body and mind. In fact, this radiation can even cause changes at the DNA level and therefore also simple lead to forms of cell cancer, heart failure and other serious health problems. Including the risk of an increase in major depression (stress) and a significant increase in suicides.

A weapon for control, manipulation and population restriction ..?
Perhaps an absurd claim for you, but the forecasts of population figures , which according to the private intelligence organization Deagel ( HERE ) would have been reduced by no less than 41% in 5 years, are an indication that such plans are indeed there. So anyway, this whole 5G story is simply a bad plan …

Let us not forget that many of the attempts planned by the New World Order ( HERE ) to create all kinds of catastrophes and epidemics on a global scale have simply failed. I myself am convinced that all future destruction plans of the NWO will no longer get a foothold. 5G is perhaps their last resort. It is therefore probably now being introduced at an accelerated pace.

Doesn’t this idiocy prove enough .. ??
How bizarre it may sound, for many, this insane behavior of governments confirms the suspicion that these dreaded health hazards are part of a hidden agenda, a plan …! Critics of 5G technology point out that this technique can also be used as a targeted energy weapon. (HERE) This is a so-called ‘ directed energy weapon’, which can not only be used to attack specific individuals, but also to ‘thin out’ a population group. A bleak picture that perhaps goes further than people want to believe ..?

But David Icke ( HERE ) – after all not the first one – has been warning for years that the massive logging is an essential part of the NWO plans to implement a far-reaching ‘smart grid’. [9] “Smart” is not “smart” but means surveillance and espionage. All that ‘smart’ stands for is a device connected to the network that collects, stores and forwards digital data to the worldwide surveillance system. Anyway, understanding this initiative of the heartless, artificially intelligent forces behind the scenes, makes us look and SEE the plans. The fact that opportunities are created for this type of intense manifestation does not mean, of course, that we will let it all happen!

* * *

Proof of the University of Surrey and from THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT

Below on the illustration you can see an excerpt from a report from the British Government that leaves nothing to be desired for clarity around trees that stand in the way. At point 7.1 it states that there are objects that can cause the (5G) signal to be influenced, and therefore determine where ‘you can set up antennas’. And under the heading ‘Static objects’ you can read, where we devote the whole article .. That SMALL TREES, LARGE TREES and LARGE HIDGES will be happy to provide you with this report, click HERE (pdf) And also watch the video below.

And this short video of about 4 minutes, which clearly shows that trees are being cut down, hedges are screened off, to ‘make room’ for the 5G-mm signals. The video clearly shows that the government report was specially prepared in 2018, for local municipalities, to ‘assist’ them with what they need to become aware of when 5G is introduced and what these signals can affect in their municipality .. Just ‘small trees, large trees and hedges …’ !! The destruction of our environment and fauna, in the name of 5G technology. Share this story .. !! And let us know where in the Netherlands this madness continues ..!

The report from the University of Surrey

This report ( HERE pdf ) is clear in his story about the interference of objects on the 5G signal. Look at pages 4 and 5 of this report. It is EXACTLY the same story, exactly the same conclusion as the English Ministry draws. Trees cause a considerable disruption of the 5G signal. Buildings do that too, as you can see here, but logging buildings is of course less easy.

Apparently then just an extra antenna there, because of course you ‘can’t do anything about the building there’. Trees are a bit easier to ‘fold’ .. And so the bobbin, according to this report, speaks of the FACT that it is in the interest of the Telecom provider, nor of the SMART-Phone user of the 5G network …

Having adjacent trees and or building at comparable heights to the mast can reduce coverage by as much as 70% in that direction, which is not in the interests of the operator, the local planning authorities and more importantly the mobile phone user. This is the source of many of today’s mobile coverage issues for consumers in many rural locations.

The question to this study club at the University is whether they have wondered, or the ‘Smartphone users’ know that for this network, age-old trees are disappearing en masse .. !! But the essence of this article is that these ‘lads’ do, in an extremely scientific way, through this report from the University of Surrey, very painfully uncover the vein of THE CAUSE OF THE MASSALE TREE HOOD.

Actually – it says between the lines – they should be truncated, so shortened, but you see it already happen .. That they have to tell the truth about these boomknot procedures .. ?? So THIS IS the real agenda behind felling trees, if you can simply read the ‘negative aspects’ of trees here on 5G signals, then you can also make the sum yourself!

And of course trees are disappearing in England too; what about the thousands of trees in the city of Sheffield, which have already been taken away by major protests. You can imagine: in recent years more than 5,500 trees have been felled there. Official reason? Hold on: it’s part of the plan to improve footpaths in Sheffield ..! And yes, they are not ready yet, because in the near future even more trees will be cut, and footpaths will improve ..!?

The authorities cackle that the contractors only remove the dead, dying, the sick and / or damaged, but certainly the dangerous trees. But they are outright lies. Residents say that almost all trees were healthy. And it has since become apparent that the Sheffield Council is planning to remove nearly half of the 36,000 trees along the city streets. All sick trees for sure?

Take action!
Support the people at this hotline and provide your information there!


Facebook uses Bogus ‘Fact Checkers’ to Censor Evidence Worldwide Systematic Cutting Trees For 5G … See this video! (Italian Evidence!)


The following is a video sent to us by one of our page followers showing a line of 30 or so beautiful roadside trees cut down near Glending Wood on the Blessington to Naas Rd., Kildare just weeks before spring.

While no further detail is available on this specific issue we’ve been informed that local councils have been sending threatening letters to landowners to cut or fell roadside trees or face stiff penalties. Demands like these are based on fear and storm hype instead of taking an objective look at the facts.

Statistical evidence shows that people are far more likely to be injured in a car accident, sports accident or getting out of bed than by trees.

Yet no one is sending out threatening letters telling people to get rid of cars, footballs and beds. So why do it for trees? Lots of things fall down in storms that have nothing to do with trees including sign posts, traffic lights, roof slates, entire roofs, walls, gates and trampolines. Yet no one is going around saying we should get rid of those.

Ireland already has the second lowest number of trees in all of Europe. Local councils should be doing everything in their power to protect them. Instead they seem to be on a mission to turn us into the most treeless country on the planet.

We encourage everyone in the area to send objections to Kildare County Council and to ask local councillors to take action on this. The follower are their contact details. Also below are copies of previous emails sent to local councils throughout the country which you can use as templates. Feel free to edit as needed.

Kildare County Council:
Tel: (045) 980200, (045) 980588.
E-mail Customer care:
Director of Environment: Joe Boland


See also this Fb Video

Mass Cutting Trees For 5G In All Big Cities All Over The World!

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They are cutting trees down because they know these towers kill trees and you will put it together they are harmful to you if you see them killing trees.