Negative Health Effects (Erratic Pulsed) 4G-5G Microwave Radiation – Fact Check!

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This film offers you an insight into the health effects of mobile phone radiation, which differs significantly from the industrial-political presentation. You will find out which latest international and independent studies and scientific evidence have shown that mobile phone radiation is classified as so dangerous …

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…. and what their far-reaching consequences are
• at what time of pregnancy the embryo is most at risk
• How much sperm can be damaged by cell phone radiation
• why cell phone radiation penetrates the brain much deeper in children than in adults
• How especially children change their behavior due to the use of mobile phones
• How the clock frequency of 10 Hz in WLAN can work through resonance on the alpha brain frequency (8 – 13 Hz)
• How WLAN influences our brain development, our nervous system, our organs (heart, liver, thyroid)
• How WLAN affects learning ability (school, study, etc.) and performance (working life, etc.)
• How cell phone radiation can increase the risk of cancer due to DNA damage
• Which research results led to the WHO being asked to change the previous classification of mobile phone radiation from “possibly carcinogenic for humans” (group 2B) to “probably carcinogenic” (group 2A) or to “carcinogenic” (group 1) stages
• what precautions we can take to protect ourselves

With an additional film contribution to the natural electromagnetic frequencies of the earth, without which life is not possible.

With interviews and contributions from:
• Barrie Trower, former MI5 and MI6 intelligence expert, UK
• Prof. Dr. med. Wilhelm Mosgöller, Medical University Vienna, Athem 1 + 2 study coordinator
• Prof. em. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. habil Karl Hecht, Professor of Neurophysiology and for Experimental and Clinical Pathological Physiology at the Humboldt University (Charité) in Berlin, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
• Dr. med. Monika Krout, environmental doctor, Aachen
• Dr. Devra Davis, cancer researcher, founder of the Environmental Health Trust, USA
• Ministry of Health of Cyprus, National Committee on the Environment and Child Health

Film in 2 parts, total running time 90 minutes.
Price € 24.40 plus postage.
Production and realization: Lothar Moll and Klaus Scheidsteger.
With the participation of Prof. Dr. med. Wilhelm Mosgöller, Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht, Dr. med. Monika Krout, Dr. med. Devra Davis and the Ministry of Health of Cyprus

Orders within Switzerland please send an email to
or by post to Bürgerwelle Schweiz, Güeterstalstrasse 19, 8133 Esslingen. Delivery with invoice and payment slip in CHF.

When ordering, please specify whether the German, English or French version is required. (Interviews conducted in a foreign language can be simultaneously translated into German and vice versa. No subtitles.)

Here are the links to the trailer
>>> Film in German
>>> Film in English
>>> Film in French

Join: (27,935+ members) … Support:

DISCLAIMER: Nobody from this web site nor our Stop5G Facebook Group gets any money promoting this DVD.

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I need of meaning of WLAN. Please.