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There is a general tendency of massive tree cutting perceptible in the cities. For optimal signal range of 5G it appears that the boom height must be at least 3 meters lower than the 5G transmitter masts that are placed, because trees appear to be obstacles for the signal range of 5G. Coincidence? I do not believe in it! In this blog more about the danger of 5G for our trees and our health.

5G: What is it and why does it want to have it?

The term ‘5G’ stands for the 5th generation mobile network.

It is the faster successor of the current 4G network, which we use to quickly access the internet from our mobile phone. Despite the fact that 4G has only existed for a few years now, several companies – even in the Netherlands – are currently already busy with testing in the area of ​​5G technology.

Using 5G on your smartphone will ensure a lightning fast connection. But that is not the only reason why 5G will come.

Especially for new applications such as virtual reality, self-driving cars with internet connection, operating remote computers and other devices running on the internet, this powerful network is an interesting development for many.

Trees stand in the way of a well-functioning 5G network

There is a general tendency to mass tree cutting observable in the cities, perhaps you have noticed this too?

They want to process the 5G transmitter masts into lampposts, bus shelters, traffic poles and so on into less noticeable street objects. But … in order to prevent signal loss (because trees turn out to be obstacles for the signal range of 5G), trees will unfortunately have to give way and that is what I think we are seeing on a large scale at present.

Trees are in fact a major obstacle for this new network. This has been shown by research by The University of Surrey : Mast height at tree level as a limiting factor for reach and reliability (see page 4 article 3.1).

So what is the real agenda behind the felling of these trees? We can not say that with certainty, but if we know about negative aspects of trees at 5G, we can make the sum of 1 + 1 ourselves!

Not only in the Netherlands, trees are removed without a clear explanation

Thousands of trees in the city of Sheffield (UK) have already been removed under major protests. Since 2012 more than 5,500 trees have been cut there as part of the plan to improve footpaths in Sheffield. In the future, the plan is to cut down more trees.

The authorities say that contractors only remove dead, dying, diseased, damaged or dangerous trees, but residents say that most trees were healthy.

Now it appears that the Sheffield Council is planning to remove almost half of the 36,000 trees along the streets of the city. All sick trees for sure?

5G also brings many health hazards

By 5G radiation exposure for all people will be substantially increased. It comes on top of the radiation of 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi that is already active. Electromagnetic radiation has already been proven to be harmful to people and their living environment.

So not only the trees will experience the burden of 5G.

In September, a group of 186 scientists from 36 countries urged the European Union to warn against the dangers of 5G

They have asked the European Union to stop using 5G until it has been independently established that this is not harmful to our health.

The warning has been briefly in the attention at, among others, Edition NL , but after that everyone goes through as if nothing is wrong.

Experts in the Netherlands are also very concerned about the arrival of 5G. Former physicist Leendert Vriens of is someone who belongs to that.

According to Vriens, the ever increasing radiation intensity is a problem. “That does not only apply to 5G, but also to the 4G and 3G that are already there.”

Because the higher frequency of 5G passes through walls less well, antennas have to be placed closer to ‘habitat’.

“You have more problems with an antenna in a bus shelter, than with the radiation from a transmitter mast,” says Vriens. He has had health complaints for some time: “Fatigue, burnout complaints, insomnia, gastrointestinal complaints: I myself know for sure that this is because of radiation.”

But there are also studies that show that the radiation is not harmful?

According to radiation expert Professor Olle Johansson of the renowned Karolinska Institute in Sweden, you can not cross scientific evidence against each other.

“It is a misunderstanding that you can cross scientific publications against each other, as the tobacco industry has done for years. You can never neutralize a report that shows a negative health effect with a report that shows nothing.

This is a misunderstanding and is unfortunately often done by representatives of industry and official authorities. The general public is easy to fool with these kinds of arguments. But if you are bitten by one deadly snake, what does it matter to you that there are millions of harmless snakes? “


This means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for radiation-sensitive people to participate in society, since the radiation is literally everywhere.

Where can radiation-sensitive Dutch people live and live? Already more and more radiation-sensitive Dutch people are forced to emigrate to France, Portugal or Hungary, because it has become unviable for them in the Netherlands. And then 5G has not even been rolled out.

The prospect for many radiation-sensitive people and the trees in our cities does not look too good. We are going to see what the future will bring us.

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