Italian Prime Minister Conte’s Adviser Sees 5G & Covid-19 connection!

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Gunter Pauli, the Prime Minister Conte’s adviser in Palazzo Chigi correlates 5G & Covid-19: now enough causation, we demand truth and a moratorium immediately!

by Maurizio Martucci

After the exclusive investigations of OASI SANA , now the doubt also arises to Gunter Pauli , Belgian writer and entrepreneur friend of Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio but above all current economic adviser to the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte : 5G can be related to the spread of Covid -19 . Pauli says so with a tweet that undermines the asserted certainties of electromagnetic risk denialists and parliamentarians of the innovation intergroup engaged in the launch of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence , regardless of calls for precaution, appeals to cancer patients and electrosmog, court rulings and overwhelming evidence in updates in biomedical literature.


In English, but especially in contrast to the executive’s wireless policies, on Twitter Gunter Pauli wrote: “ Science must demonstrate and explain cause and effect. However, science first observes correlations: apparently associated phenomena. We apply scientific logic. What was the first city in the world covered in 5G? Wuhan! What is the first European region of 5G? Northern Italy “.

The deduction of the first economic adviser of Palazzo Chigi was born from studies and research that unequivocally attest the non-thermal but biological (and harmful) effects of wireless on living organisms, born from the increasingly growing positions of doctors, researchers and scientists from all over the world that in these days are raising the problem in the possible correlation between virus and 5G, but above all it arises from the undeniable mapping in overlap between 5G roll-out and the outbreaks of Covid-19. It can’t be a coincidence, no! Because punctually, where there is the first, the second has spread. These two indicative and summary maps prove it: in Europe as in Asia, in Lombardy as in the Chinese province of Hubei, 5G (map below) started after a few months the virus broke out (map above) .

Then it is sacrosanct and dutiful, as Pauli wrote, to ask science for immediate and urgent insights , independent epidemiological studies, that is, disconnected from the industries that have the objective of doing business and certainly not that of protecting public health. But it is also essential that the Italian Parliament (when will the reopening?) Start a commission of inquiry as soon as possible to investigate the possible 5G-Coronavirus correlation . Just as it is equally right, in application of the precautionary principle, to insert in the emergency phase that we are experiencing a national moratorium on 5G , stopping – pending true and certainly not convenient truths – any private interest if at the expense of public health: not It is admissible to observe how while 60 million Italians are forced to remain in spite of themselves under house arrest there are lobbyists ready to sprout favors from Conte.

The so-called Cura Italia decree, which in terms of telecommunications even provides for the possibility of limiting the limits of the law by disguising the taxation in the excuse of the emergency, the over 100 million euros directed towards the digital school and the House of Emerging Technologies , together with the heralded digital Solidarity they make it clear how much Conte (with Patuanelli from MISE and the Pisan transhumanist of innovation) is inclined only to the extremely dangerous fifth generation turn, making Italy a maxi-oven with a radio frequency microwave (even in the millimeter bands) unexplored precisely because without preliminary studies, Magari Pauli, in addition to the spotlight with the twitt, manages to really convince the premier . Not trying to do it would be criminal : Italians are not human guinea pigs.


Written by Maurizio Martucci

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