Human Chain Protest Across Segovia Against 5G August 2018 Update!

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The Platform notes that the National 5G Plan has been made public through a statement posted on a ministry website, it has not been published in the BOE, and therefore is not actionable

From the STOP 5G Platform they have expressed their deep concern and concern at the news that the first two tests of the 5G Technological Cities pilot project have already been carried out in Segovia.

On July 10, they delivered a letter to the City Council, accompanied by 819 signatures from citizens who expressed their interest in the project, asking for information on its implementation and a moratorium on the deployment until security guarantees were obtained. They met with the mayor and the councilor and explained that their motivation was to create employment.

From the Platform points out that it draws the attention that while it is still deploying the 4G technology has been undertaken a “crazy” race for the deployment of 5G. The National Plan 5G has been made public through a statement posted on a ministry website, it has not been published in the BOE, and therefore is not actionable. It is being implemented with millionaire auctions of new frequencies. “With pilot tests like the one that is being carried out in our city for which a deployment plan has not been presented, there has been no public information, citizen participation, democratic control and therefore there is no possibility of recourse or knowledge to what they are going to submit to us, because each new test is presented by means of an addendum to the agreement that our City Council signed with Telefónica at the end of June “.

They insist that the technical details have not been previously reported despite having requested that information. An impact study on health has not been carried out, despite the fact that it is contemplated in the Public Health Law and has been requested. They point out that the requirements that this institution or the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have made to governments are being ignored so that the precautionary principle is applied, which is at the basis of all the environmental and health guiding principles of the European Union.

Meanwhile, many people have had the misfortune to see their lives truncated because chance put their house right in front of a telephone antenna and their body has been subjected to a chronic exposure of years that has made them ill and disabled.


The 5G conference and the human chain across Segovia against 5G received news coverage across Spain.

This is from Sunday’s El Norte de Castilla:
The 5G conference and the human chain across Segovia against 5G

This is from Saturday’s El Adelantado:
Human chain pictures 5G standard released

On Thursday, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project released the long-awaited specifications for 5G, including 5G satellites. This gives the go-ahead for commercial deployment of 5G on Earth and in Space.

Mobile Industry Works Together to Deliver Complete 5G System Standard on Time

3GPP TSG #80 Plenary Meeting has approved the completion of the standalone (SA) Release 15 5G specifications. After the release of the 5G NR specifications for non-standalone (NSA) operation in Dec. 2017, another essential step of standardization of 5G has been successfully completed. Now, the whole industry is taking the final sprint towards 5G commercialization. The completion of SA specifications which complements the NSA specifications, not only gives 5G NR the ability of independent deployment, but also brings a brand new end-to-end network architecture, making 5G a facilitator and an accelerator during the intelligent information and communications technology improvement process of enterprise customers and vertical industries. New business models will be enabled and a new era where everything is interconnected will be opened up for both mobile operators and industrial partners.

More than 600 delegates from the world’s major telecom operators, network, terminals and chipset vendors, internet companies and other vertical industry companies have witnessed this historic moment for 5G.

Note: There is no government oversight or regulation whatsoever. Private corporations have overtaken the earth.

John Weigel

Human chain across Segovia to Stop 5G Wireless Antenna Installations

Everyone is invited to participate.

On Saturday, June 16, 2018, a human chain will be formed across the city of Segovia, Spain. This event will occur after a day of presentations by scientists from Spain, France, Canada, and the United States. Following this event, on June 17, there will be a day of conversation, round tables, and workshops.

This event is sponsored by Electro y Químico Sensibles por el Derecho a la Salud (EQSDS). The agenda, as well as information about location and registration, are available on their website at present only in Spanish, at I have translated the flier and description into English, below.






“Changes that occur in models of population exposure in the new 5G system”, Dr. Unturbe Ceferino Maestu, Director of the Bioelectromagnetics Laboratory, Center for Biomedical Technology, Polytechnic University of Madrid.

“Effects of electromagnetic radiation of mobile telephony on the environment (especially animals and trees)”, Alfonso Balmori, Biologist, Independent researcher on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on living beings. Scientific adviser and member of AVAATE.

“The effect on human health of exposure to nonionizing electromagnetic fields”, David O. Carpenter, MD, Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, collaborating institution with the World Health Organization, University at Albany, United States.*

“Electromagnetic pollution and electrohypersensitivity: the coming tsunami”, Magda Havas, BSc, PhD, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Natural Resources, Trent University, Canada.*

“Electromagnetic fields and not health: what you need to know about the risk of cancer and the evaluation scales for carcinogenicity of the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization”, Annie Sasco, MD, MPH, SM, DrPH, Former Director of the Epidemiology Unit for the Prevention of Cancer, International Agency for research on Cancer (IARC) and former Director of Research at INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research, France), University of Bordeaux, France.

* There will be simultaneous translation for lectures in English

19:30 HUMAN CHAIN to Stop 5G





Topics of interest to people affected by any syndrome of central sensitization: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity, electrosensitivity. Exchange of information and experiences among affected individuals and doctors.

Associations / Activism

Round table: Experiences and expectations of associations that work from an integrated point of view.

Round table: Stop 5G, PECCEM, European associations


Round table: Legal questions – rights of the disabled

EHS, Electromagnetic pollution

Workshop: EMF effects. How to protect oneself. Measuring equipment. Shielding. Smart meters.


Qigong: strengthening the immune system

Jin Shin Jyutsu: unblocking and regulating the circulation of energy

Fermented foods for health

Organized by: Electro y Químico Sensibles por el Derecho a la Salud (EQSDS) (ElectrIcally and Chemically Sensitives for the Right to Health),


The risks to health from nonionizing electromagnetic fields are controversial.

However, the scientific evidence that indicates grave dangers continues to grow: increase in the risk of cancer, infertility, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, electrohypersensitivity…

In recent years we have seen accusations by citizens groups and by scientists, researchers and experts (independent of industry) about conflicts of interest of the committees that decide on the permitted levels to which the entire population is exposed.

According to many experts more and more research points to the necessity to upgrade the classification of radio frequency radiation as a carcinogen to 2A or even to 1.

(Mobile telephony, WiFi, cordless telephones…) This together with evidence of important nonthermal biological effects reinforces the need to apply the precautionary principle in relation to lowering the levels of exposure, with special attention to the most vulnerable groups such as children.

In contrast, the march toward 5G technology involves a radical increase of levels of electromagnetic pollution. Therefore 180 doctors and scientists from 36 countries have written a letter to the European Union demanding a moratorium on its implementation.

Meanwhile the industry tries to make its message about lack of harm prevail through large investments in the media and in ill-concealed lobbying.

We think this at least merits a profound public debate.

Therefore with Saturday’s program we wish to give voice to the point of view of scientists and independent experts with the hope of stimulating a look that is critical as well as scientific that expands the tools that we have as a society to invest in a healthful technology.

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