Dutch Telecom & Politicians Receive Thousands of 5G Notice of Liability

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Stop 5G

(National Bond against Government Affairs) A bailiff has delivered letters to the directors of KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone-Ziggo on behalf of 3,349 participants in the 5G campaign of the National Bond against Government Affairs last week. Politicians and officials have also received letters. The documents tell them that they will be held personally liable for tort if they do not stop the rollout of 5G. They will soon receive a second batch of letters.

“This is the moment to which we have lived for six months,” said Jordy Zwarts, president of the Bond. The 5G promotion started at the end of September last year. The campaign was expected to close in January. Zwarts hoped that at least 1,000 to 1,500 people would participate in the action, but was overwhelmed by a much larger amount of applications. The number of 1,500 was reached within a week. In total, 8,300 people seem to have joined the action. That would be a very high number if it were correct. However, this is not likely, partly because some have signed up for the promotion several times. The Bond is still working on putting data files in order.

In any case, Zwart’s thinks the number of participants is ‘really great’. He sees an important explanation for the success of the Bond in the support that started in Facebook groups after the start of the campaign and the willingness of volunteers to make an effort for the action and to engage their network. Zwarts: ‘I am very grateful to them for that. Without the support and confidence of all the people who care about us, we would never have come this far. ” 

Closing the campaign in January has proved unfeasible. The number of registrations that had to be processed was too great for that. In addition, a relatively large number of submitted documents turned out to be incorrectly completed. The problem could only be resolved by automating the login procedure. As a result, everyone had to re-sign the documents, even though they had sent previously correctly completed documents. “We had no choice,” says Black. “If we hadn’t made this automation move, people would have run the risk of having their contracts voided by the courts later. We naturally wanted to prevent that.” 

Recently, the Bond has a smoothly functioning digital registration system that handles registration, signing and payment in one go. Until recently, intermediate steps were required via email. The system is still being perfected, but it can certainly be used for future actions. Zwarts: ‘We cannot leave everything to the computer, because there will always be questions to answer and practical problems to help solve. But it makes a big difference that we have this system now. We will soon be able to process large numbers quickly. ‘  

Not all practical issues have been resolved yet. Some of the people who have signed up for the 5G promotion in recent weeks have yet to receive an invitation to digitally sign. This will be done soon. In addition, a small group of participants who had already joined the promotion in September and October have not yet received an invitation to sign newly drafted contracts. Something went wrong in the processing of their email addresses. The Bond has purchased special software to filter those email addresses from the data files. Zwarts expects these people to be notified within a week.

Until everyone has had the chance to convert their original registration for the 5G promotion into a completely digital registration, the Bond is not yet closing its 5G campaign. Zwarts expects the campaign to be closed definitively early next month. Then the bailiff will deliver a second batch of liability letters to the telecom directors, politicians and officials. Between these documents are therefore letters from those who have registered for the campaign in recent weeks. As long as the campaign is not definitively closed, people can still register as a participant. The campaign will be closed when registration on the website is no longer possible. The Association ensures that all letters are received by those responsible before the auction of the 5G frequencies.

The Bond volunteer team that helps everyone with questions about their application has expanded. The team now has a new email address, customerservice@bondoverheidszaken.nl , and a phone number that can be called Monday through Friday between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. This number is 070 2210318. The volunteer team still has a lot of work to answer questions about old registrations in particular. If you have a question, it is best to send an e-mail to the address mentioned, stating your registration number. If you have an urgent question, you can call the phone number.

Recently, the National Association against Government Affairs is again active on Facebook. Although the Bond does not have its original account, it has been able to create a new page. Go to our Facebook page  like the Bond and invite friends to follow the page as well! The larger our supporters, the more we can draw attention to our actions and the better we can promote our common interest. That is also your interest! Together we are strong.

People who still want to join the 5G promotion can do so here  .


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⚠️ Dutch 🇳🇱 #Stop5G Activism 🦜🦋🌳

5G Liability

Hold telecom providers personally liable with a commitment including a daily allowance of up to € 2,000 per day. In addition, hold politicians and officials personally liable with a penalty.

Explanation approach

Don’t want to be a guinea pig of the new 5G network that robs you of your privacy and may have harmful effects on your mind and body?

The solution: Hold the directors of the telecom providers personally liable and offer them an obligation (contract) with a maximum daily allowance of € 2,000 per day, per violation. Also hold politicians and officials personally liable with a penalty payment. Do this collectively, in collaboration with the National Bond Government Affairs & Act 4 Freedom Foundation. 

If you register for a drug trial in a clinic, the results and side effects of the drugs being tested are not yet known. You will also receive a daily allowance for your participation as a test subject … 

Claim your rights. Without your declaration of will ( art 3.33 BW ), personal service in any name cannot be tolerated ( art. 1.1 paragraph 2 BW ), otherwise a wrongful act will be committed against you with the right to compensation ( art. 6.162 BW ). The National Association of Government Affairs allows you to crack down on telecom providers and politicians.

You need to know and do this to participate in the collective 5G liability including daily compensation:

  1. The National Bond for Public Affairs is responsible for having the obligations of you and all other participants in this promotion delivered by a bailiff to the liable directors of the telecom providers.
  2. The Association takes on the task of sending invoices to liable parties on behalf of all participants. If these bills are not paid, the Bond will summon these liable parties via the Mass Damage Claim Act. The lawyer and legal costs are for the account of the Association.
  3. You make the Bond a one-time contribution of € 29 for this 5G liability action and you pay a 5% fee when the Bond wins the lawsuit and you receive a compensation. You do not need to be a member of this union.
  4. You register with the registration form via the button at the bottom of this page. You can then use automated processing with digital signing. The contracts go to the three telecom providers of which you have received a copy.
  5. Keep the signed contracts as a burden of proof. This is to be able to legally claim an annual fee of up to € 730,000 as long as activation of the 5G network takes place.
  6. Our goal is initially to stop activating the 5G network, which would otherwise violate our privacy and compromise our security. We have not given permission for the activation of 5G and want to make this fact legally ‘hard’, as this is an infringement of our right. 
  7. On your behalf, the Union also demands that politicians and officials stop 5G. If they fail to do so, they will also be held personally liable.  

With the financial resources that we obtain from the 5% fee, we want to grow the National Bond Government Affairs into a major people’s movement that protects the rights of people against unlawful malpractices of the government and organizations that work with it.

RECOMMENDATION  The National Bond Government Affairs has already proven to be able to take effective action against the government and its partner organizations. The Bond has been recognized through won lawsuits against health insurers that the Health Insurance Act is an unacceptable intersection of administrative law in civil law.

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National Bond against Government Affairs launches liability action for telecom providers

Message sent by the National Association against Public Affairs:

As you know, KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone are currently busy preparing to roll out 5G. This new mobile network is presented as a beautiful gift for us as it will allow us to download a movie in two seconds to our mobile phone. It will also enable us to drive smart cars.

As you also know, this is only one side of the matter. The electromagnetic radiation released when using 5G is probably bad for your health. In Maastricht, 5G is being tested and people are fleeing there because of the health effects they experience. The 5G network will enable companies and the government to monitor your behavior to an important extent, which means a far-reaching infringement of your privacy. The 5G network can even be used to use energy as a weapon against you.

Jordy Zwarts National Bond against Government Affairs has recently launched an action aimed at blocking the introduction of 5G. This using the right. The Bond has made a commitment that will become legally effective as soon as a telecom company activates 5G. Part of that agreement is a daily allowance that the telecom company must then pay to the other party. If you have sent such a contract to the telecom company in time, you are entitled to claim your daily allowance in court if necessary. If only enough people participate in this action, it means that the telecom companies have a serious financial problem.

The method used by the National Bond against Government Affairs is based on the earlier success of the Bond regarding the Health Insurance Act.

You can join the promotion by clicking here . The promotion runs from September 27 to October 31. The Union will soon hold the politicians accountable.

Update October 3, 2019:

Press release National Association against Public Affairs
Liability action against 5G great success – Billion claim against telecom companies

The National Bond against Government Affairs is well on its way to make an impressive claim to the telecom industry if it remains in its intention to roll out 5G. The Bond has reached 1,429 participants in its liability action, representing a potential claim of 1 billion euros annually.

The National Association against Government Affairs (NBO) provides people who are concerned about 5G with a means to tap the telecom providers hard on the fingers. The government and telecom companies want to introduce 5G without the population asking for it and without providing honest information about the disadvantages and risks of the new mobile network. The Bond has now prepared a legal document that allows people to indicate that they do not consent to the introduction of 5G. The government and telecom companies can no longer say that the population has tacitly agreed to this.

“As soon as the telecom providers activate 5G, they have a commitment to everyone who sent our liability letter to these companies,” said Jordy Zwarts, chairman of the NBO. Part of that commitment is a fee of 500 euros for every day that 5G is active. In addition, there is a fee of 1,000 euros if the 5G network is within a radius of 250 meters from someone’s home. According to Zwarts, these are common daily allowances. The method used by the NBO is based on earlier success in lawsuits of the Bond against health insurers.

The number of people who want to participate in the liability action exceeds Zwarts’ expectations. He thought he could count on 500 participants and hoped to reach 2,000. “That would really be a stunt, I thought. But now it looks like we’re going to do it too! And I think we’re going to be even higher. ” The promotion started on Friday September 27 and on Thursday October 3 the mentioned number of 1,429 participants was reached – in less than a week. ‘If we continue like this, we will really be talking about a billions claim against telecom. That would be fantastic, the industry can really no longer ignore us. A damage item of tens of millions can increase those telecom providers for sale. But if billions are demanded, then they have a serious problem. “

The success of the NBO is remarkable because the Bond has very few resources at its disposal to promote the liability action. Facebook has denied Black’s access to the Bond’s account, and when he wanted to open a new account, the tech company immediately reversed it. “Apparently we are doing something that the establishment is not happy with,” Zwarts laughs. Censorship doesn’t bother him. “We offer something that apparently many people need and that finds its way, even if Facebook or anyone else is not happy with it.” The NBO’s website is outdated and Zwarts is reaching sounds that some people are put off by this. “That’s why they don’t fully trust the Bond. I can understand that. ” That means, according to Zwarts,that the Bond will appeal to a larger group of interested parties as soon as the website has had a makeover. “We are now trying to do that as quickly as possible.”

The NBO’s liability action runs from September 27 to October 31. The Association will soon also hold politicians and officials liable. Zwarts emphasizes that the first goal of the action is to block the introduction of 5G. If it comes to subpoena from the telecom providers, then the NBO will demand the termination of 5G in addition to the daily allowances.

For more information about the liability action, click here .

Source: National Association against Public Affairs

Who is Jordy Zwarts?

Below is an interview that Sandra Vogelaar of Café Weltschmerz had with him last year about his case against the health insurance law.

Update October 27, 2019 : De Bond has already received 4,400 registrations. The registration procedure is now also largely automated, making registration a lot easier. Due to its success, the duration of the promotion has been extended. You can join their promotion until Monday 18 November 2019.

Update April 19, 2020: A bailiff has delivered letters to the directors of KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone-Ziggo. Politicians and officials have also received letters. The documents signal to them that they will be held personally liable for tort if they do not stop the rollout of 5G. They will soon receive a second batch of letters. Read the press release here .


Join: Fb.com/groups/Stop5G (35,135+ members) … Follow: Twitter.com/Stop5G

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