Dutch Surgeon-Oncologist Warns of (Long Term) 5G Radiation Risks!

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Oncologist warns of radiation risks: ‘Be careful with 5G’

in Health May 31, 2020, 12:00 PM 9 Comments 6,499 Views

We need to be aware of the risks of mobile devices, says surgeon oncologist Marc van Tilburg in an interview with RADYGO . We see an increase in the amount of cancers, we also see an increase in the use of mobile devices in our lives. I cannot escape the impression that there is a relationship between this, says Van Tilburg, who works at the St Jansdal hospital.

The oncologist warns against the adverse effects of radiation from, for example, WiFi and mobile phones. “We hear more and more that electromagnetic radiation poses risks.”

The World Health Organization warns against it, the American Association of Pediatricians (AAP) warns against it, and the French health service warns against it. Van Tilburg argues for a stronger sound from the Dutch doctors’ organizations.


“I also have a phone, tablet, laptop, and so on. Our operating room also sometimes uses mobile equipment that is necessary for everyday life. My children also use mobile devices, although I try to protect them well. I do that by leaving them on their tablet as short as possible or protecting them so that the radiation from the tablet does not affect my child’s body. ”

Van Tilburg, who mainly focuses on cancer treatment in daily life, notes that testicular cancer is much more common compared to 30 years ago. There is a doubling. The largest group of patients is in the 15 to 45 age group. “Surely the group that has been used to using mobile phones since childhood.”

How can radiation cause cancer? The doctor says about this: “Our body repairs errors in cell division every day. We also know that electromagnetic radiation can interfere with the correction of those errors. And if such an error is not corrected, it can again develop into cancer. We think that the radiation from telephones influences cell division, for example. ”

Be aware of the 5G risks!

“Children and pregnant women are more susceptible to external negative effects because they are developing enormously. Children have an enormous amount of cell division because their organs and brains develop. That is something we do not want to negatively influence. Negative influence that is expected, and is seen, from radiation. ”

Van Tilburg points out that there are many doctors in Europe who unite to make a clear statement about the risks of radiation. “In Belgium, France and Germany you see that groups of doctors are uniting, and clearly say: ‘Boys, be careful with radiation from, for example, 5G networks’.”

“I think it is important that we educate our children in their upbringing that the use of mobile devices poses risks,” says the surgeon oncologist. “If we don’t tell them that, it is experienced as quite normal. So make sure our kids know there are risks associated with mobile devices. Do not let your child sleep with a phone under his pillow. Don’t let your child sit on your lap with an iPad all day. And don’t let your child have the phone in his pocket all day long. ”

“What my advice is as a doctor: be aware of the risks of mobile equipment.”

Watch the interview below:


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