CE5 ‘Sanctuary Country’ Concept by John Kuhles

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⚠️ After 30 years of Full Time Suppressed News & Conspiracy Research. #JohnKuhles decided to create a New Historic “Declaration of Independence 2020” intended to be used after 1000s of successful #CE5 initiatives world-wide!

Imagine A Real “Sanctuary Country” for Millions of Conspiracy Researchers!

⚠️‼️ imagine all “conspiracy nuts” in the world would have their own country just like Israel but without violating any human rights nor forcing any form of injustice. And/Or that 1 existing country (like Iceland putting Banksters in jail) uses most of this template/idea/brainstorm project/concepts coming years.

New country separated from the totally corrupted UN, EU, WHO, FCC etc. etc.

🌐 This new country that has (updated!):

  • 001. No Untested Unsafe Uninsurable 5G (especially not in or from space).
  • 002. No Chemtrails (GeoEngineering) – No Weather Modification Programs of any kind.
  • 003. No #Plandemic Laws (No forced separate children from parents to BS ‘quarantine rules’).
  • 004. No Toxic Vaccines.
  • 005. No Monopoly (hijacking) on drinking water supply (like Peter Brabeck-Letmathe of Nestle did).
  • 006. No Lock-downs (blackmailing all of humanity in to extreme surveillance & push for Toxic Vaccinazi Agenda connected to #ID2020).
  • 007. No idiotic Fines from City Councils (clearly Police State overreach against their own Oath).
  • 008. No Unjust or Insane Laws … abolish all unconstitutional Laws
  • 009. No Suspension (or corporate pushed change) of The Constitution. That suppose to PREVENT governments to be hijacked by criminals!
  • 010. No WiFi at Schools (only Wired internet).
  • 011. No GMOs.
  • 012. No (Mass) Cutting of Trees (for any reason) better to use Hemp to create 1000s of products (including paper) for that!
  • 013. No Nano-Tech being released in any way that enters the human body without consent! Nor with consent if it can spread to others.
  • 014. No Bias (Fake, Obvious Politicized) “Fact Checkers” with almost no accountability only 100% transparent correctable, less aggressive ones being daily tested by others doing the same … will not be used to censor free speech.
  • 015. No Secret Societies Allowed.
  • 016. No Smart Meters.
  • 017. No Corporatism.
  • 018. No (A.I.) Surveillance Robotics/Drones.
  • 019. No Statism Forcing Stuff on The Masses.
  • 020. No School Systems serving NWO #Agenda2030
  • 021. No Bio-weapons Labs.
  • 022. No Big Pharma (corrupting countless science publications).
  • 023. No Bailouts for “Too Big to Fail” Ultra Rich Criminals (parasites) (in all forms & shapes).
  • 024. No (A.I. Facial Recognition) Surveillance Cameras everywhere – No “Biometrics” in public domain of any kind!
  • 025. No Micro-chipping No #ID2020 No “Quantum Dot” Tattoo.
  • 026. No push for “Cashless Society” never ever!
  • 027. No Fluoridation of (Drinking) Water or any other toxic chemicals.
  • 028. No Technocracy No unelected “Science Czars” dictating the masses. Study: Technocracy.News site.
  • 029. No insane “6 Feet Economy” aka “1,5 Meter Economy”.
  • 030. No Poisonous Toxic Food Additives.
  • 031. No “New Normal” forced upon us.
  • 032. No Taxation without Real Representation!
  • 033. No Fiat Money (No Federal Reserve – Ron Paul’s ‘EndTheFed’ agrees rather having alternative barter system like transparent L.E.T.S. system.
  • 034. No Criminalization of Alternative Cures (Study: “When healing becomes a crime”).
  • 035. No Social Media Platforms Censorship
  • 036. No Smart (LEDs) Street Lights.
  • 037. No (Monsanto/Bayer) Toxic Pesticides!
  • 038. No UFO Secrecy & Promoting CE5 Principles! From “Alien Perspective” any form of obsessive fear projections is a choice of vibrations that invites different fate! Just like animals sensing your intent when in state of irrational fear.
  • 039. No Deep Sate Tentacles.
  • 040. No Push for any Toxic Medications.
  • 041. No FEMA Camps.
  • 042. No Freemasonry and all off-springs/off-shoots from that!
  • 043. No Fake Democracy but Direct Democracy (Similar to Switzerland).
  • 044. No Corporate Lobbyists.
  • 045. No (Mass) Animal Abuse (like testing for cosmetic products nor any other cruel testing).
  • 046. No more (corporate pushed) lies … much more accountability when some one is spreading fear based upon lies.
  • 047. No more A.I. “computer models” dictating the fate of humanity!
  • 048. No more NWO Transhumanism/Eugenics.
  • 049. No Surveillance Police State.
  • 050. No “A.I. Social Crediting System” designed to be used by Control Freaks!
  • 051. No Frequency Weapons of any Kind!
  • 052. No Mass Censorship but millions can have instant access to all vital liberating empowering information that raises the quality & genuine happiness of all who live in that country.
  • 053. No Police Brutality (much more accountability & transparency to any form of abuse).
  • 054. No Military used against Civilians!
  • 055. No “Martial Law” which works like a “carrot on a stick” for all kinds of abusers!
  • 056. No Animal Cloning.
  • 057. No Human Cloning.
  • 058. No Genetic Manipulated (hybrid) GMO insects.
  • 059. No Artificial created Hybrids of any kind also called: “Chimeras”.
  • 060. No Cyborg insects!
  • 061. No “Franken (GMO) Food” pushed by Bill Gates
  • 062. No “Synthetic Life Forms” in any shape or form allowed!
  • 063. No profiteering from any wars.
  • 064. No to harm (in any shape or form). Study (amongst others): Medical Definition of Hippocratic Oath.
  • 065. No Satanism or any other religion forcing imposing their beliefs on others that violates constitution, human rights & freedoms.
  • 066. No untested, unsafe technologies. Always use The Precautionary Principle to all (new) technologies!
  • 067. No profit of any kind that is based upon deliberate lies & deception techniques.
  • 068. No Fake “Health Care” System based upon a profiteering “business model” (vulture capitalism) via more & more people getting sick/ill due to endless cycle of “side effects” of medical drugs. Study: “When Healing Becomes A Crime”.
  • 069. No Secret (FISA like) Court systems of any kind.
  • 070. No Unethical (Medical or Psychiatric) Experiments of any kind! … Study: Nuremberg Code (International Law).
  • 071. No (Systematic & Deliberate) “Dumbing Down” of a Nation, then complaining so many people are so dumb.
  • 072. No Unethical Behavior Modification & Social Engineering (Mind Control) Programs of any kind!
  • 073. No (Systematic & Deliberate) “Crippling Down” of a Nation, then complaining so many people are unable to care fro themselves.
  • 074. No enslavement strategies of any kind. No artificial created scarcity of anything to create mass dependencies.
  • 075. No “Divine Right to Rule” Crap! … No “blue-bloods” (or other bloodlines) privileges manipulating all kinds of schemes for centuries.
  • 076. No Subliminals in advertisements & movies nor anywhere else.
  • 077. No Torture to any living being.
  • 078. No Just one “Authoritarian Narrative” that is not allowed to be challenged. Honest constructive criticism is always necessary to be more accurate, accountable & transparent.
  • 079. No (push for) “Smart Cities” especially not when using people tax money = like paying for your own enslavement & prison.
  • 080. No Centralization of Power .. Decentralization of Power .. More accountability & transparency to locals by locals .. Not giving up their accountability to “higher centralized powers” that gets bailed out by corrupt governments when losing lawsuits).
  • 081. No over the top “Micro-managing” of people Like using (Quantum) A.I.
  • 082. No “Criminalization” of anything that is in the Constitution, Bill of Rights & Universal Deceleration of Human Rights!
  • 083. No Artificial Created (forced) “inter-dependencies” (a way to force people to accept tyrannical measures & actions).
  • 084. No Bogus “Safety Guidelines” (like ICNIRP) only real Safety Standards backed by real (uncorrupted) evidence connected to Biological Effects.
  • 085. No criminalizing when using any (medicinal) plant that does not do harm to others and is non-violent. Prisons are unnecessary full of non-violent crimes.
  • 086. No Secret Space Program(s) (Breakaway Civilization Scheme).
  • 087. No Hijacked or Corrupt Patent Offices!
  • 088. No Suppressed Inventions that can liberate us all … inventors work for the benefit for all human-kind NOT only. the “privileged few”.
  • 089. No “Cancel Culture” using mob tactics (based upon lies).
  • 090. No “Pyramid Ponzi Schemes” of any kind.
  • 091. No Secret Lobbying of any kind eventually leads to manipulating the masses in to doing or allowing unconstitutional acts
  • 092. No monopolies using any form of communication platforms! … No push for silencing critics as long as they do no harm … No fake accusations of “doing harm” when connected to schemes like illegal push for mandatory mass vaccination programs accusing anti-vaxxers of “doing harm” which is a LIE!
  • 093. No Fake Philanthropy Projects & Foundations like “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” & George Soros.
  • 094. No “Captured Agencies” like FCC having huge negative impact on all humans on earth!
  • 095. No “Necessary Evil” excuses & rhetoric pushing people to chose between 2 (or more) Evils! … Which is obvious a set-up a scam.
  • 096. No (systematical) Misrepresentation and/or Framing of anyone even if you or me totally disagree with that person!
  • 097. No (Fake) “Anti-Hate” posing as Snowflakes Guardians pushing (lobbying) for censorship!
  • 098. No Fudging & Manipulating Statistics of any kind for political gain.
  • 099. No Silencing of anyone exposing False Flag Operations!
  • 100. No “National(ized) News” with more than 50% negative (fear based) topics … time for more real uplifting empowering news.

⚠️ No more fear of all the above!

Any constructive feedback is/are welcome!

John Kuhles May 9th, 2020

⚠️ 🌐 ‼️ Top 100 #UnslaveHumanity Declaration of Independence 2020 Poll by John Kuhles: tinyurl.com/Deceleration-of-Independence-2

🌐 No Suppressed Inventions that can liberate all of us … all inventors work for the benefit for all human-kind NOT the “privileged few”.

Imagine real benevolent aliens would be a “non-bias referee” to test both systems of “governance” for 100 years.

☠️ System 01: All countries serving the Orwellian type “Global Governance” run by PsychoTechnocrats like Bill Gates” where perpetual tyranny is the depopulation endgame!


🦋 System 02: The other system, our new created country protected against any outside influences!

Who will be more prosper, harmonious, healthy & more creative?

John Kuhles 🦜🦋🌳 May 8th, 2020
Founder of Fb.com/groups/Stop5G
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🌐 “Sanctuary Country” initiative/concept inspired due to my #CE5 UFO experience with Iris van Rooijen in 2013 & CE5 UFO Documentary of 2020 See: tinyurl.com/CE5-JohnKuhles

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2 years ago

Absolutely ideal. What I dream of as an Earthly Paradise.
I’m 78 yrs. old so, maybe in my reincarnation which I firmly believe in.

Thanks so much, John

2 years ago

John, I first want to thank you for All Your Efforts and hard work.