5G, Russian Roulette with our Health!

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5G, Russian Roulette with our Health all for Mass Profit & Control!

“Staatsliedenbuurt Ready for 5G” (The Hague, Netherlands)

5G guinea pigs

I walked into a neighborhood pub this afternoon and let the bartender just read an article about 5G. That is very coincidental …

The headline: “Staatsliedenbuurt ready for 5G”. What a title!

As I read, I discover the following:

I read that the Netherlands, together with five other European countries, is literally a laboratory for research into the effects of radiation !! These other countries are: England, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and France.

The project is called COSMOS and now that 5G has been installed or is being installed, people would like to continue this project until 2023.

I notice that two cancer research institutes are participating in this project, including one directly under the WHO.

I am looking rather dismayed at it. We are the guinea pigs of Utrecht University and Wageningen University and a few more institutes! Hundreds of thousands of people are followed to find out the long-term health effects.

OK, it’s completely clear now …

The Netherlands, together with five other countries, is part of a major medical experiment!

That would have been fine if they had done that BEFORE the rollout. Now it comes down to a damage measurement afterwards.

5g guinea pigs

It is Russian roulette with our health.

5G folder

For good information about 5G read the brochure Fair about radiation


5G: a dangerous biological experiment that we have not asked for

A series of strong arguments against the rollout of 5G (video and transcript)

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What actions can we take to warn against electromagnetic radiation and the emergence of the 5G network?

In 2015 and 2017, a group of scientists submitted a fire letter to the Euro Commission warning of the dangers to our public health from electromagnetic radiation in general and the introduction of the 5G network in particular.

A good posting about this can be found on the blog of Judith Jobse.

Nothing has yet been done with the letters and there has even been experimentation with 5G in several places in the Netherlands, with all its consequences. This is not discussed in the media or in political debates, but recently there has been one party that has taken a critical position on this topic.

One party is very little of course. More politicians (municipal and national) will have to be awakened. But also GPs, specialists, biologists, ecologists, nature organizations, bee associations, childcare centers, schools, local newspapers and so on.

Need arguments? Click here for a few insightful videos in a row.

Damage to nature
Below two videos. The first about research done in Wageningen into the harmfulness of radiation to plants. The second is a short film from a scientific symposium on radiation and trees, held in 2011.

Radiation suffering in animals
The starlings in The Hague literally had a brother killed by 5G. But bees , sparrows and other animals also suffer a lot from radiation.

Take action!

If you are wondering what you can do about this, view the following web pages:

  1. Inform your municipality with a letter or call the relevant person at: https://www.verminder-electrosmog.nl/voorkom-5g-informeer -your-municipality-yourself /
  2. Send a WOB to your municipality: https://www.verminder-electrosmog.nl/stuur-ook-een-wob-naar-jouw-gemeente/
  3. Sign this petition and share social media: https://www.verminder-electrosmog.nl/petitie/ondertekenen/
  4. Order free leaflets and hand them out: http://www.beperkdestraling.org/brochure-over-wifi-en-dect-bestel -free copies
  5. https://stralingsbewust.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Folder-Eerlijk-over-Straling-5G.pdf
  6. https://www.transitieweb.nl/wp-content/uploads/FLYER-5G-.gecorrigeerd-MvD….-1.pdf
  7. View this newsletter and subscribe if necessary: http://sh1.sendinblue.com /nhe2oo054c.html
  8. Set telecom providers and politicians liable by a bond including a daily allowance of up to € 2000 per day:

Not long ago, a lawsuit against 5G was won by the British people in the Gateshead municipality in Great Britain . So there is still a lot of dear readers. Read more about this here.

Share your information with others and spread the word!

Flyer 5G


Report of a beautiful parade in Amsterdam, Global 5G manifestation January 25, 2020

Posted January 30, 2020

At the bottom Films, media reports NOS newspapers etc. and photos of a very useful day….
Everything can be shared for the good cause !!

We are all creating the future
And this first requires a moratorium on 5G!
I enjoyed… and felt very proud of this special movement, which we create with all of us… By not waiting for others, but especially by seeing what you can do yourself… to stop 5G or increase awareness in it your immediate surroundings at home, friends, neighborhood, municipality (I have seen action groups from municipalities .. next to Amsterdam, Groningen, Heusden, Smallingerland, Maastricht, Utrecht, Zeist and Bergen… 🙂)
 … or even bigger…

A big
thank you to the organizers of Radiation Conscious Amsterdam  for initiating and organizing this wonderful afternoon.
Renée van Gennip, Catherine Van Ommeren, Mine Yapar, Annet van Hoorn, Marije Freeve and a number of others.
Thanks also to the speakers: Rob Verboog , Jan van Gils , Mirjam Bout , Alja Hoeksema and Sander Compagner van de Andere Krant
and a musical contribution by Noémie van der Vegt
5Gisnietok.nl provided the flyers and banners… 

This afternoon was fantastically organized, with fascinating pioneers and speakers on stage, all with their own much needed tone, and above all a large attendance / company with striking, beautiful, quirky, awake and also a soft atmosphere…. ”

There was plenty of media (including John Consemulder from Healing Sound Movenment and Dwight Sergio Samson from RT Dutch. Top!)

Thanks to all !!!

On to the next … and the next … and the next … and you can do it all at once Everyone can take small or large initiatives … There is not one organization and there is not a leader … Don’t wait for that, nobody is going to give you an assignment or figure out what you can do … Take charge of a part, task or project that you feel comfortable with, and just start with what you already can, or want to practice and develop … Then we will meet again somewhere … .


Thank you to everyone who attended this special afternoon…. and who has taken the trouble, many with a ‘recovery time after a busy over-stimulated day there’ to come to Amsterdam and go and stand for the good thing … !!

Bottom up we Go !! Top.

Love, Marloes


The parade in a relaxed atmosphere, which grew bigger and bigger…. More than 1,500 people according to the police.

Another one

Short film (in English) by Jo Joseph

Short film by Jo Joseph

Short Film by RT Dutch (part by Jo Joseph)

Part 1 Renée van Gennip (radiation-conscious Amsterdam) and Jan van Gils

Videos of the speakers and some nice interviews by John Consemulder
(Healing Sound Movement)

Part 2 Interview Marije Freeve Radiation Aware Amsterdam by John Consemulder

Part 3 Stage with Renée van Gennip Stralingsbewust Amsterdam, Sander Compagner De Andere Krant, Jan van Gils and Mirjam Bout Activist Inspirator Utrecht and Zeist

Part 4 Mirjam Bout and interview Rob Verboog CPLD and Fair About Radiation

CREDITS: All filming by Ingolf Kruseman ( https://www.asking.nl/ )
& HealingSoundMovement)
All editing, montage, production and music (c) by: Drs. John Consemulder (neuropsychologist, author, research journalist and music / events / radio / Tv producer)
All music and HealingSoundMovement TV Tune (copyright protected) written, arranged and produced by: John Consemulder & Renske Danceskills

Thanks to this article from Stralingsbewust.info by Silvia Belgraver
(support and follow her)
Really all media with reporting in a row

Heart of the Netherlands: item can be viewed from 9:04 min.
NOS news: item can be viewed from 3:58 min.
News hour: item can be viewed from 19:00 min.

NPO Radio 2 at “Early on Frank”: interview with Rob Verboog about the 5G protest day, available here from 2:28 PM

NOS: Hundreds of participants in Amsterdam march against 5G
Parool: Hundreds of demonstrators on the Dam: ‘5G kills all life’
RTL news: No to 5G: worldwide demonstration against new mobile internet
Telegraaf: Anti-5G demonstrator: ‘None idea what G stands for, but you feel that is not good! ‘
AT5: Several hundred demonstrators on the Dam: ‘5G costs lives’
Heart of the Netherlands: Large group of demonstrators on the Dam in Amsterdam against 5G
AD: Carolien Schooneveld points to dangers of 5G
Telecompaper: Demonstration in Amsterdam against arrival of 5G networks
AG connect: Worldwide protest against the arrival of 5G
Nieuwsblad De Kaap: Heuvelruggers afraid of the radiation of 5G
Panorama: Large group of demonstrators on the Dam against 5G
Buddhist Dagblad: Demonstration in Amsterdam against the introduction of the 5G network
Trouw and NRC: did not pay attention to
HLN Belgium: Hundreds of protesters protest against the input of 5G in Belgium: “People are not aware of the dangers of 5G”

See also this overview of news reports about the 5G Protest Day in other countries

Then the Photos !!!

Renée van Gennip

Rob Verboog CPLD

Grateful me.

from Leiden




Photos especially by Sodis Vita and me (Marloes)


Stop5Gnl.nl & 5Gnee.nl & BondOverheidszaken.nl

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