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Spanish Ombudsman: 5G Must be Environmentally Approved!

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The Ombudsman notes that the 5G Implementation Plan has not passed environmental assessments The Vallisoletana Association of Those Affected by Telecommunications Antennas (AVAATE) who denounced it recalls that in the 5G pilot projects a frequency band is used for which the safe exposure limits have not yet been set. The Ombudsman has ruled on the […]

5G Research Links Part 2

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   –  5G/5D – An Illuminating Synchronicity signaling the Time of our Ascension    –  5G – A Dystopian View of our Future    –  5G and GMO – Electromagnetic Waves and Genetic Engineering: Profit Driven Destruction    –  5G and ‘Internet of Things’ to Create Unprecedented Surveillance    –  5G and IoT – Total […]

Normalizing of Mass A.I. Face Recognition Surveillance & 5G ‘Smart Grid’ is Coming!

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We see many calls for a moratorium on face surveillance passing by. We fear that this will mainly buy time in which Mass Biometrics Surveillance Technology normalizes. If we want to keep face recognition out of our public space, we will have to be braver.Credits: Ash Edmonds on Unsplash At the PrivacyCamp Read more about […]

Dutch State Secretary Admits 5G will be used for Crowd Control!

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Use CC Youtube “Auto-Translate” Dutch to English Sub-Titles! … Adjust the settings! Like black background for the subs. Mona Keizer: “5G also for ‘Crowd Control” Mona Keijzer took a good look at the map Thursday, February 6, last year. The government plans with 5G were made clear to all those ignorant members of the House […]

Comments under a Fox Video About 5G – 02-20-2020

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FCC “Ajit Pai provides updates on the future of 5G” HEY FOX … 95% to 98% of ALL comments here are against 5G … oppose 5G Death Towers … How much more do you need to see? UnslaveHumanity 1 hour ago#5G = Slow Death ☠️ Cumulative Lethal‼️ ⚠️ Not only shortening (y)our lifespan (life expectancy!) […]