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Dutch Government April 2018: Radiation #5G Antennas: Possible Hazard Public Health!

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The Ministry of Economic Affairs is considering restricting radiation from radio masts nationwide. Due to the roll-out of #5G, a proliferation of antennas is expected, including in lampposts and bus shelters. This could potentially pose a threat to public health. T-Mobile launched the first 5G antenna of the Netherlands in Amsterdam at the end of […]


Stop ‘The 5G BEAST SYSTEM’ 2020 #Stop5G

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~2018-2020+ Mass Mandatory Unrolling #5G Erratic Pulsed Microwave Radiation Everywhere Is A Mass Assault on: Hippocratic Oath, Private Property & Privacy Rights, Oath to the US Constitution, 4th Amendment, Self-Determination Rights! … and violating 1 of them is already enough to get really upset let alone all 6 combined! … It is so BLATANT ATTACK […]

Safe The Trees #Stop5G

Stop Mass Killing Of Trees For 5G 2018-2020

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VIDEO: Stop Mass Killing Of Trees For #5G 2018-2020 Those who object to the introduction of #5G networks will soon be accused of conspiracy thinking. It does not address or even look at what 5G actually means. Apparently there is a blind faith that our government is responsibly dealing with this matter. Whether that trust […]


Stop5G with a Heavy Metal Detox!

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The missing puzzle piece when discussing the toxic effects #5G high frequency electromagnetic radiation is heavy metal toxicity in the body. Metals in aerosols, water and the food supply has led to slow bio-accumulation. In combination with wireless technology, heavy metal toxicity has created a very dangerous mix that puts everyone at risk. In a […]


Long Island Residents Protest Small #5G Cell Towers in Front of Homes CBS News

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Long Island Residents Protest Small #5G Cell Towers Local Activism Remember – things that the government once tested and considered “safe” include such toxic horrors as thalilomide, amalgam fillings, smoking, asbestos, lead paint, fluoride, vaccines, and Agent Orange. Can we really trust these so-called government ‘health’ agencies? Consider this: A $25m government study by the […]

From WiFi to Why Fry!

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From Wi-Fi to Why Fry! WiFi is currently the most common method of connection to the internet. Wireless “hot spots” lurk everywhere…coffee shops, schools, hotels, and even throughout entire cities! WiFi is widely used because of its convenience. There are no wires, access is easy, and it allows multiple connections. So what’s the problem? With […]

Smart Meters & Cell Towers – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

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Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on Smart Meters & Cell Towers Dr. Klinghardt, who has a clinic in Seattle to treat chronically ill patients, discusses electromagnetic pollution, the health crisis of our time.  He explains how EMF and dirty electricity affect his electrosensitive patients, and he offers advice to share on how to reduce this invisible pollution […]