C0VID19 Plandemic Hysteria 2020 and The Illegal Mass Rollout of 5G Surveillance Smartgrid!

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C0VID19 Plandemic Hysteria 2020 and The Illegal Mass Rollout of 5G Surveillance Smartgrid! :

  • (would they still laugh at you now?)

⚠️ #Plandemic + #WHOcorruption + #CrisisActors + #FakeNewsMSM + #Deepstate (operatives in both corrupted political parties) + push for new unconstitutional #DraconianLaws + push for #MandatoryToxicVaccines Agenda + Calling for more Mass #Censorship by Big Tech Social Media Platforms only allow the “official narrative” to be “correct allowed version” of their perceived reality + Orwellian #ID2020 Mass A.I. #5G (illegal) Surveillance =

🌐 NWO #GlobalGovernance & #Agenda2030 run by #PsychoTechnocrats using A.I. “computer-models” to LIE for illegal #Lokcdown (Bill Gates pushed) “protocols” & spread extreme over-hyped scaremongering then blaming #Stop5G activists “spreading fear” for questioning everything! … Let that sink in for a moment!

Fast-tracking mass (illegal) 5G rollout worldwide (violating Nuremberg Code of International Law & Precautionary Principle) with almost no resistance, due to the (illegal) lock-down based on many lies and super over-hyped fear tactics 24/7.Then when done, 5G Smart (A.I.) Surveillance Grid will be used to use all kinds of “#ContactTracing” purposes (like the Orwellian “reward/punish #SocialCreditSystem” model in China) for whatever made-up (or artificially created) crisis to suspend or even change the constitution that (ironically) was created to PREVENT governments to be hijacked by criminals, liars, abusers and over the top control freaks!

True or false: When governments fear the people we have freedom, when people fear their governments we have tyranny … when Big Tech joins, we have unelected Technocracy Tyranny by Psychopaths aka “PsychoTechnocrats” … Study: Technocracy.News excellent website.

Automated Mass Facial Recognition systems works much better if everybody is 6 Feet (1,5 meter rule) apart in a crowd! … See: tinyurl.com/5Gcrowdcontrol … But they need to change the constitution to make it law … the so called “new normal” the “1,5 meter economy”. Crashing the middle-class and bailing out the ultra rich, so that we become extreme depended on mega-corporations & #UniversalBasicIncome system to micromanage your “privileged freedoms”. #ArrestBillGates before they “legalize” their systematical well planned crimes against humanity … Study: tinyurl.com/BillGatesTyranny & #StopTheLockDown

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